[ epub pdf ] Sanskrit - English Dictionary: Etymologically and Philologically ArrangedAuthor M. Monier-Williams – Bilb-weil.de

The present work is a reprint of new edition ofpublished by Clarendon Press, Oxford It is greatly enlarged and improved work and has than , words, about , than the first edition Besides being original it possesses four principal characteristics viz scholarly accuracy practical utility lucidity of arrangement designed to set forth as clearly as possible the etymological structure of the language and its bearing on that of the cognate languages of Europe and, completeness and comprehensiveness to the fullest extent attainableThis volume offers to students of both Sanskrit and Comparative Philology a complete and useful one volumed Sanskrit English Dictionary

4 thoughts on “Sanskrit - English Dictionary: Etymologically and Philologically Arranged

  1. Suha Suha says:

    Print is Awful plus there are horrible mistakes in the devanagari script..worst of all, return label is not provided and shipping it back costs half the price.

  2. Ann Traynor Ann Traynor says:

    Volume was in good condition but not quite as new owing to a few marks and a slightly musty smell but I was still very pleased with the purchase and the price charged.

  3. howtoclaimbackppi.co Customer howtoclaimbackppi.co Customer says:

    Very nice book and good price.

  4. lois lois says:

    slight imperfections in printing of bookdifficult to read and requires patiencescript size is small and varies because there is so much information