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This book covers so much detail of the lighting aspect of film that it s no wonder most refer to it as the must have bible for filmmakers It s loaded with tons of info, but the downside is that it is not exactly an introduction guide to basic lighting 101 Rather, it is definitely a professional guide and reference tool for folks who already have a clear understanding of lighting, aperture, ISO, shutter speed and the electrical aspect of this craft.However, DO NOT let that scare you off Just because you re an indy filmmaker on a low no budget with a single DIY light kit doesn t make this book an expensive paperweight The info in this book gives one the solid foundation to improve their skills, no matter what level Granted there are lots of advanced details, and I would say that a lot of the ground covered on electricity might be a bit much for those who only use a few lights plugged into a standard socket, however if you re serious about learning the craft, this book covers it.Even BETTER The chapters that cover lighting, color temperature and gels is an excellent reference tool for the amateur As lighting kits become affordable, people are skipping the DIY work light set up and going with pro kits The only problem is most folks just turn on the lights without giving much thought to placement, temperature, and diffusion Too much of the wrong light is just as bad as not enough of ANY light and this book covers than just the generic 3 point setup along with the details of placement, rather than just a generic diagram with no explanation.PROSIt covers the craft, art and history of lighting in film and how to achieve each look via reference charts and guides as well as detailed info on pretty much every light standard on a set shoot in today s industry along with info on electricity and the various tools and equipment used to power and achieve the lighting look and feel for a scene.CONSI can t really list any cons, aside from pointing out that it isn t an introduction to DIY lighting which isn t a con since it never implies it as being a guide to DIY If you only plan on shooting with basic DIY work lights and there isn t ANYTHING wrong with that you will probably find this book is geared for the pro s However, even if you can t afford the standard ARRI kits, the info is invaluable and if you re serious about film, this book and the info will go from being foreign techno garble to an invaluable tool.Another plus is the homage and detail it pays to the standard Fresnel and Lowel lighting kits as well as the invaluable info on warming cooling converting lights with gels and diffusion So you don t have a 100k Grip package No problem This book will give you the info and tools needed to crank out shots that will make your 200 Ebay lighting package look like you have a killer lighting package I am by no means a pro at anything but this book is a must have whenever I tackle a shoot still or video where there is a lot of MIXED lighting and not a lot of options for controlling it or so you think Read the book, practice and tinker with your lights and you will be amazed at the difference after applying some simple knowledge gained from a few chapters in this book. I used this book for class and it s so helpful and informative The information can be a bit dense, but it has all the information you need to know I own the original and it has been an invaluable reference over the years I decided to upgrade and wasn t sure what to expect, whether it would be worth the price or not I m so glad I did The new book is twice the size of the old one Harry Box really went all out with this upgrade It s packed full of useful information and it s going to take me a good while to study it all I m grateful to have a book like this It contains things that would take years to learn on the job. Whether you already have knowledge of set lighting or just starting out, this book is considered the essential guide for TV, Theatrical and Film Set lighting Written by longtime cinematic guru Harry C Box, the book is penned in a casual and easily understandable manner, yet covers all the technical aspects and jargon of film lighting and electrical distribution theory The book is a complete overview of all lighting practices, associated hardware, techniques and includes information on electrical power systems Included is a humourous history of TV and Film, an outline of departmental titles, responsibilities and jargon, an overview of the industry s major unions and a complete guide to professional lighting Not surprisingly, this book is actually required reading for most lighting and film unions and guilds it is indeed the essential guide for any aspiring lighting technician Highly recommended. Comprehensive Detailed Practical Set Lighting Technician S Handbook, Fourth Edition, Is A Friendly, Hands On Manual Covering The Day To Day Practices, Equipment, And Tricks Of The Trade Essential To Anyone Doing Motion Picture Lighting, Including The Lamp Operator, Rigging Crew, Gaffer, Best Boy, Or Director Of Photography This Handbook Offers A Wealth Of Practical Technical Information, Useful Techniques, As Well As Aesthetic Discussions The Set Lighting Technician S Handbook Focuses On What Is Important When Working On Set Trouble Shooting, Teamwork, Set Protocol, And Safety It Describes Tricks And Techniques For Operating A Vast Array Of Lighting Equipment Including LEDs, Xenons, Camera Synchronous Strobes, Black Lights, Underwater Units, Lighting Effects Units, And Many Others Since Its First Edition, This Handy On Set Reference Continues To Be Widely Adopted As A Training And Reference Manual By Union Training Programs As Well As Top University Film Production Programs New To The Fourth Edition More Coverage Of The Aesthetics Of Lighting Detailed Information On LED Technology And Gear Material Is Harmonized With Industry Safety And Skills Training Curriculum More Coverage Than Ever Before About Setting Up And Running DMX Networks And DMX Enabled Devices, Including Wireless DMX Networks Completely Revised And Updated Sections Of HMIs, Tungsten Light Fixtures, And Fluorescent Technologies Additional Information On Dealing With Current Harmonics, Working With Portable Generators New Section On Using V Power In Addition To Previsualization Software, New Material Provides A Primer On Creating Professional Light Plots And Using Computer Aided Design Software New Additions To The Arsenal Of Electrical Distribution Equipment That Make Our Sets Safer And Easier To Power More Rigging Tricks And Techniques Written In The Same Friendly, Easy To Read Style That Has Made This Book So Popular Companion Web Site Contains Exclusive Articles Written By The Author, Illustrations, And An Indispensable Resource Center With Key Industry Links Please Visit Focalpress Cw Box