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Who will you be Romeo Juliet The nurse Romeo Juliet like you have never experienced it before quick, fun, and easy to understand Designed for actors, kids, families, or anyone who wants to enjoy and perform Shakespeares classic play Romeo Juliet for Kids is a play versatile enough for sibling fun, classes, drama groups, homeschool groups, or backyard performances Its appropriate and fun for all ages Plays range fromtominutes Which character your kids be What you will get Funhilarious modifications for group sizes Actual lines from Shakespeares play highlighted for easy identification Creatively funny and witty telling of the remaining script A delightfully funny rendition that iseasy for ADULTS to understand too A kid who loves Shakespeare This mini melodramatic masterpiece is sure to spark a love of Shakespeare Shakespeare is difficult enough in class or watching onstage, let alone trying to teach the stories to children, but as the authors mantra states in the book, there is no better way to learn than to have fun Kids who have read this have also eventually purchased the entire Shakespeare works, and have completed hero reports on Shakespeare at school Guaranteed to have you coming back for

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  1. C. Kimpton C. Kimpton says:

    Great resource for getting young children interested in Shakespeare We used it with a mixed ability group of 7 8 year olds and got great results It helped to have some props handy masks, toy swords, etc.

  2. English Teacher English Teacher says:

    Ich kann dieses kleine B chlein uneingeschr nkt empfehlen Habe schon mehrere dieser Playing with Plays Shakespeare B cher in meinem Unterricht verwendet und sie sind immer sehr gut von den Sch lern angenommen worden Die Sprache ist verst ndlich und vor allem altersgerecht ohne dabei die Verbindung zum Originaltext zu verlieren Super Sache Kaufempfehlung

  3. tarafarah7: Tara Brown tarafarah7: Tara Brown says:

    Shakespeare s Romeo for example, version three is best used in a whole class setting, while version one is fitting for an after school club or tutoring Either way, no one will be left out of the fun that awaits I have taught high school English and Spanish for the past 19 years in an urban setting district After trying a variety of teaching methods and new strategies, my 9th grade English students still continued to struggle when reading Romeo and Juliet Little did I know, Kelso s short plays were the answer to my years of trial and error No tears, no frustration, and no refusing to participate in class discussions I now have a full gradebook, I see smiles, and I hear excitement in their voices Attendance has improved, kids are helping one another, and they are talking about books they want to read We even got some fake Shakespeare tattoos that we plan on showing off on our school s field day We are having so much fun tackling this once difficult text, while learning about Shakespeare, his language, and the time period We are learning and growing together as a class each and every day The best part of it all, though, is watching my low level, low performing students transform into confident readers, learners, and individuals in our ever changing world This well deserved, newfound success fills me with joy and makes me proud to say I m their teacher Thank you, Mr Kelso, for helping my students see that they, too, can achieve great things, no matter the level of difficulty I recommend this book and entire series to teachers of 5th to 9th grade, as well as to those who teach ESL My decision to use this book to supplement our Romeo and Juliet unit was made successful by the fact that my freshmen perform below grade level At grade level and or high achieving HS students may not have the same results Students in 6th and 7th grade will benefit the most from use of this book, in my opinion However, teachers of all grade levels will find the Playing with Plays website very helpful, as it is filled with engaging ideas, fun activities, and engaging lessons Thank you for reading my review I hope it was helpful Happy reading

  4. M. Heiss M. Heiss says:

    I m raising a family of boys.They are goofy, sweet, romantic, and messy of course They re fun to be around, and they make most of their own fun.Brendan Kelso makes it easy for them to play with Shakespeare His creative retelling, keeping some of the best quotes and adding goofy slapstick, ropes in boys They laugh and speak Shakespeare so naturally Because it s fun for them.The three plays in this book require a minimum of 6players in my family, that means a couple of friends get roped in, and maybe even Dad Listening to my kids teach their friends Romeo and Juliet is a joy Listening to my kids throw Shakespeare quotes around at mealtime Bliss Have a lot of fun with this book It is perfect for family reunions, coed dinner parties game nights, thanksgiving entertainment Super easy path to laughter.My oldest says the nurse in this isn t as funny as she should be Mercutio s death scene should be funnier And Wherefore means WHY , not where And he s right Thank you, Mr Kelso

  5. Ali Julia Ali Julia says:

    This book contains three versions of the play for groups of 6 to 11 actors, 9 to 13 actors, and 14 to 18 actors The authors goal is to make the stories easy to understand for children, it is Brendan Kelso words with a splash of Shakespeare s lingo He encourages actors to improvise rather than memorize the lines verbatim The text is modernized for example including references to email Fun and well done Romeo and Juliet is everyone s favorite Ali Julia review

  6. Macdaddy55 Macdaddy55 says:

    I bought these books for my children s theatre class they are working for us They are easy to read comprehend they re written to have fun with Billy William Shakespeare that is Thank you so much for the creativity Macdaddy 55

  7. Julie Scott Julie Scott says:

    I stumbled upon Kelso s little books while planning a unit of Shakespeare, and boy am I glad I did We used them as a Reader s Theatre type of activity, and the students were able to enjoy, understand and connect to the text Adaptable to various group sizes, I was able to use with larger or smaller classes Students were able to realize that Shakespeare can be understood, even by kids as the plays merge the original text with a modern language What a fun approach to teaching Shakespeare

  8. TienMai TienMai says:

    Last summer my colleague and I decided that we would spend some of class hours doing Shakespeare for our secondary school students to develop their pronunciation and to have fun beyond class hours doing written grammar exercise We both did a lot of online search to find the best script and hopefully, free for our class, starting with keywords such as Shakespeare for kids Romeo and Juliet for kids After I found out about this book on .com and the website, I stopped the search for a free script and bought Brendan s Romeo and Juliet s script happily while my colleague spent hours looking for a free one I didn t tell him I bought the script Then we compared with what he got with this script, we both agreed that this one would be selected due to its sense of humor and language appropriateness for ESL language learners Besides, this version contains detailed instructions for body expressions as well as movement which I found extremely useful because I am not a drama teacher I m an ESL teacher so drama is definitely not my water although I ve directed several plays in the classroom And our students got hooked We hadn t imagined that Shakespeare could be that fun and achievable thanks to Brendan s creative adaptation while uttering some Shakespeare s original lines the underlined lines in the script, also a great effort from Brendan for keeping its authenticity to some extent Final say, a strong recommendation for those who are looking for the best deal of Romeo and Juliet for kids.

  9. Joseph L. Joseph L. says:

    Once again, Brendan Kelso knocks it out of the park We used this book to help teach Shakespeare to the 1st 9th graders at our homeschool co op this year I love watching the kids expressions as we work through the story the gasps, the giggles, and the excitement Our 6th 9th graders are working on this play to perform it for parents and grandparents this spring They re loving it especially Friar John s shenanigans

  10. Customer Customer says:

    Did this as an introduction with high schoolers Hilarious to say the least

  11. Elizabeth L Love Elizabeth L Love says:

    Love Am planning on buying title

  12. Phyllis Kepp Phyllis Kepp says:

    All of these Shakespeare for kids plays are terrific We use them at school to teach melodrama and love the idea that this author is using the classics to do it I wish he d write based on some other classic books, stories, etc Maybe some Poe

  13. Xen Xen says:

    I thought this would meet my middle school students understanding in learning this great work by the Bard, but I found mistakes in the text and was turned off So I returned it Couldn t in good conscience share it with students Perhaps the author will print another edition with corrections I cannot remember the issues since I returned it a while ago, but I think it was either in the plotline or story facts.