read online Pdf Shona-English/English-Shona Dictionary and Phrasebook (Dictionary and Phrasebooks) By Aquilina Mawadza –

Easy to use and to understand, excellent 2 part dictionary section and then a series of everyday situations and the likely phrases needed. Shona, or ChiShona, a Bantu language spoken by eight million people in Zimbabwe and Mozambique, is the official and most widely spoken language of Zimbabwe Designed for the traveler, this compact guide provides the means for basic communication in Shona, featuring a two way dictionary and phrasebook with practical and cultural information , dictionary entries Pronunciation guide A basic grammar Essential phrases Ideal for the traveler and student I find this book very handy and helpful.It contains many translations and useful phrases and I definitely recommend this book if you want to learn improve your shona Also,I like how it has a variety of different sections e.g travel,communicating, food and drink, shopping, health etc Also, within the sections it tells you different phrases and words and how to use them in a particular context.Overall this book is very good This book does what it says on the tin It is a handy reference and has useful phrases and translations Probably works better for someone who has a native speaker helping with pronounciations. This book is great for people to trying to learn shona And alo good for people who already speak shona and want too get to know the english a little.Great buy and value for money. I grew up in Zimbabwe and it s amazing how much reading this dictionary is bringing back to me Really miss the old place and this gives me a little flavour of it Very well laid out book but think some of grammar section has just a little too much assumed knowledge of linguistics in some places. I like this book, it is small and slim and can fit into a small bag, very handy when in a shop etc and quickly need to review a few sentences. My daughter has found this book very helpful she loves it.very helpful for people who understand shona but can t write I m learning the language for my wife and she has filled in a lot of the blanks that the book sort of leaves unexplained and unmentioned That said the book covers a lot of things that she would neglect to mention, things that you can use to make sense of the language without telling you to JUST MEMORIZE IT haha I m finding it great to familiarize myself with common phrases while she s not around and overall it s a big help. In general, this is a decent book considering the general availability and quality of books for Shona , but there are some serious problems with the general structure and pedagogical approach, in my opinion For instance, one section discusses the fact that certain letter combinations in Shona have a very non intuitive pronunciation, and lists some examples but it doesn t provide an actual pronunciation So all you can learn is that your intuition will be wrong, but not what is correct Omissions like this make the book nice for a Shona book, but quite poor for a language learning resource in general.