[ epub ] SHORT BEDTIME STORIES FOR KIDS: HOW TO HELP CHILDREN GO TO SLEEP FEELING CALM (English Edition)Author Sarah Connor – Bilb-weil.de

Does your child have a hard time falling asleep This Book can help you Bedtime is an important part of a child s day, and it is vital to establish a set routine at an early age Bedtime stories are very beneficial aspect of the bedtime routineNot only does a quick story before help calm your child down, but it can also increase their vocabulary, improve their concentration skills, and stimulate and encourage creativity and imagination Reading or telling your child a bedtime story is also a good way to bond with them and spend quality time togetherThis book contains twelve unique stories written specifically to help your child calm down before bed they were written for two to five years olds, but they are suitable for older children and are attractive to both boys and girls each story has its own unique setting and characters and revolves around a moral lesson some stories are set in the world of fantasy and animals, and some are in the daily lives children are familiar withHere are the twelve stories The Dream Whisker The Lies that really happened The Horse That Wanted to Be a Unicorn The Little Girl and the Snow Fairy The dragon and the Princess The Kitten and the Owl The story of the Sun and the Moon The Dog That Didn t Like His Name The Mean Rose The Polar Bear That Got Cold The Hunt for the Christmas Cookies The Little Wolf s First HuntIf you want to know scroll the top of the page and select theBUY NOW button Book