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Even By The Standards Of A Sport That Requires Enormous Stamina And Capacity For Suffering, Jens Voigt Is In A Class On His Own Beloved By Cycling Fans For His Madcap One Man Breakaways As Much As His Sense Of Humour And Quotable Catchphrases, Jens Is One Of The Most Popular Personalities In Cycling Jens Was Born Near Hamburg And Came Up Through The East German System Before The Wall Came Down He Got Into The National Team Through The German Army Before Signing For His First Big Team In Many Ways He Is Cycling S Anti Star Despite Arguably Spending Time At The Front Of The Tour De France Than Any Other Rider, He Has Worn The Yellow Jersey Only Twice, As His Efforts Have Always Been In The Service Of Others Jens Embodies The Best Of Cycling S Qualities Loyalty To His Team, Sacrifice, And Devotion To The Sport He Says, I M Not A Head Person, I M Of A Heart And Guts Guy That S How I Race Shut Up Legs Will Be A Funny, Insightful And Entertaining Look At The Tough Realities Of Professional Cycling, Told In Jens Trademark Irreverent And Inimitable Style

8 thoughts on “Shut up Legs!: My Wild Ride on and off the Bike

  1. Andy W Andy W says:

    Very disappointing this book is clearly The Jensie making a few bob for his retirement fund by cashing in on his amazing career and popularity and why not I d have no problems with that if only it were a good book but it s not.It s very poorly written and clearly for the US market it s not a well written ghostwritten autobiog, it s like it s just the typed up transcripts of some not very coherently structured interviews.It doesn t tell us anything we didn t know, and it s all in heavily jarring US English.I like Jens and I expected a lot .

  2. A. G. Williams A. G. Williams says:

    Jens Voigt was a great character in the Tour and professional cycling Somehow he got a mot juste blessing at birth and built up charisma.If you re not a cyclist, you ll enjoy this If you are a cyclist you ll enjoy this.if you re a cyclist who watched the tour and used to see his insane breakaways and attacks and listen to his post race comments then you ll love this.Chapeau

  3. P. Addyman P. Addyman says:

    When he admits in an early chapter that he doesn t actually remember that much of the many races he s been to, you know you re onto a loser An ability to produce soundbite quotes for Twitter and t shirts doesn t necessarily translate into an ability to write interesting prose Strange that.

  4. CaptainSpenno CaptainSpenno says:

    fine for a quick read but constant contradictions re doping associations repeating the same tales from chapter to chapter.Did nothing to endear me to Jens any , probably the opposite with no great insight into any particular exploits, major achievements.

  5. Glynne22 Glynne22 says:

    Disappointing, Jens always comes across as an interesting and humorous guy in his TV appearances, sadly this does not transfer to the printed word Did not finish the book.

  6. Batmo Batmo says:

    I loved watching Jens race, courage, commitment, pain, it was all there.I love hearing Jens do race commentary, understanding, insight, tactical nous, none better.But somehow, the book left me cold Maybe I ve read too many cyclist biographies, but it just didn t quite reach me.

  7. dants dants says:

    It s what you d expect from Jens Basically a series of anecdotes from his life on the road inspiring, moral, honest and pretty non controversial Well worth a read for any cycling fan and a great momento for the great man to read to his grand kids one day.

  8. david clarke david clarke says:

    smashing rider and like him its a smashing insight into how to be good at something without being big headed to show humility without being overlooked and how to keep ones head whilst others loose theirs a great rider and a great advert for pro cycling