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This course has been writing for those who wish to teachthemselves Swahili, but have little or no backgroundknowledge of the languageThe easy to follow steps are backed up by regular exerciseswhich practice and develop the student s command ofSwahili The book covers all the important grammar pointsand in addition includes both English Swahili and Swahili English vocabulary lists, a summary of verb tenses, asimplified glossary of grammatical terms and other usefulappendices The book is a perfect guide for learning Swahili Many of my friends who are now fluent Swahili speakers said this is what they used. Really great text book Easy to understand and explains the way the language works I started learning my very first Swahili words from this book To me it s a clear book and the writer takes you step by step to another level.I think it s a very good basic book Haven t finished it yet The writer says if you study for 2 hours a day intensively, you ll manage to speak and write Swahili in 6 months.The reason I didn t give it 5 stars is simply because the dictonary in the back of the book is limited to, I think about a 1000 words Which is enough to start learning the language, but to me there are some words I can t find in this book because of this limitation So for me, I ll have to purchase myself an actual dictionary too.Really a good book My motherlanguage is Nederlands Dutch, and to me it s very accessable because it s really step by step, not too much information at once. This book is great for learning Swahili and I would definitely recommend it to friends.