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From the winner of theCWA Historical Dagger Award Smoke and Ashes is Abir Mukherjee s best book yet a brilliantly conceived murder mystery set amidst political and social turmoil beautifully crafted CJ Sansom India,Captain Sam Wyndham is battling a serious addiction to opium that he must keep secret from his superiors in the Calcutta police force But Wyndham finds himself in a tight spot when he stumbles across a corpse in an opium den When he then comes across a second body bearing the same injuries, Wyndham is convinced that there s a deranged killer on the loose However, revealing his presence in the opium den could cost him his career As Wyndham and Sergeant Surrender not Banerjee set out to solve the two murders, Wyndham must tread carefully, keeping his personal demons secret, before someone else turns up dead It is the flamboyant evocation of Calcutta that makes this such a mesmerising read GuardianPraise for the Sam Wyndham series A thought provoking rollercoaster Ian Rankin Confirms Abir Mukherjee as a rising star of historical crime fiction The Times Cracking A journey into the dark underbelly of the British Raj Daily ExpressIf you enjoyed Smoke and Ashes,look out for the fourth Sam Wyndham mystery, Death in the East in November

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  1. Durhamgirl Durhamgirl says:

    Abir Mukherjee is on top form in this, the third in the series about the British policeman Captain Wyndham and his Oxbridge educated Bengali sidekick, Surrender not The backdrop to the story is the growing force behind the fight for Indian independence in 1922 Wyndham, still dogged by his inconvenient opium habit, has several, seemingly unconnected murders to solve which come to a dramatic climax as he is also tasked with protecting Edward VIII on his visit to India The story, which builds up a tremendous pace, is also linked to an unpleasant episode in British history which will come as a surprise to many it certainly did to me although Mukherjee has slightly altered the timing These books combine a terrific sense of place, developing and sympathetic characters with a historical backdrop Mukherjee is a great new talent Bring on book 4

  2. Mandie Griffiths Mandie Griffiths says:

    Now if you have been brave enough to read any of my other reviews for the books in the Sam Wyndham series you might get the idea I am a little bit of a fan I may have all the books in every available format That being said it has taken me ages to get round to writing the review for this the third book in the series that s because I am lousy at writing reviews, having read the book over Christmas last year but as book four is now out in publication I thought it was about time that I let you know what I thought of Smoke and Ashes.Set at the end of 1921, India is changing, and the British do not have quite the control they once had, and it shows Sam is becoming drawn into his opium addiction and it is getting harder to hide it from those in authority When an opium den is raided while he is there, he manages to escape but comes across a body of a murdered man Later he is called to investigate the murder of a nurse that bears the same MO as the man he had seen As murders occur Sam is left trying to find the connection Once again, he is assisted by Sergeant Banerjee, who himself is battling personal conflict as his family are supportive of the movement to take back control of India, so working for the Imperial Police force does not sit well with them.What I love most about these books is that the author has a way of describing a different time and place that really gives the reader a sense of India under British rule There is no bias for or against either side as he shows the good and the bad of that era Whilst the main character is heavily flawed and haunted by many demons, he still goes above and beyond in his investigations, sometimes, in an attempt to compensate for his personal shortcomings His friendship with Surrender Not is also changing With the pressure from his family and also the constant need to protect Sam from both himself and their bosses, he is often torn between his beliefs, his duty and his friend In reality theirs is a friendship that goes against everything both in rank in the force and station in life based on their birth and the awkwardness that shows bears testament to this.The premise for this the latest in the series is actually based on true events that occurred, although a little later in history and that I think is what I find the most intriguing and disturbing in equal measure but is also part of the reason why I am such a big fan of the author and his writing History has always been a big thing for me but there is only so much you will learn in school Through this series I have been given a whole new area of the past to google and investigate whilst also being able to indulge in my love of crime fiction.Even if you think that historical fiction is not your thing, you really should give this series a go as I don t think you would be disappointed.

  3. Jacko Jacko says:

    Smoke and Ashes is the third in the Sam Wyndham series and, in my opinion, every bit as good as its two predecessors It has a dynamic narrative and a strong and convincing sense of time and place 1920 s Calcutta Indian independence may have been two decades away but the novel subtly but surely hints at the gradual disintegration of British power The characters are clearly drawn if a little unnuanced but the real allure of this novel is its combination of what seems to be historical verisimilitude and a cracking plot I learnt plenty about a period of Anglo Indian history of which I knew little and was hooked by an absolute page turner of a novel Recommended

  4. Whispering Stories Book Blog Whispering Stories Book Blog says:

    It s not unusual to find a corpse in a funeral parlour it s just rare for them to walk in the door under their own steam It was a riddle worth savouring , but I didn t have the time, seeing as I was running for my life .These are the opening lines of Smoke and Ashes by Abir Mukherjee, who could not resist reading I certainly was captured and drawn in straight away.This book is set in Calcutta in December 1921, written in the first person of Captain Sam Wyndham who is working for The Imperial Police Force Abir Mukherjee s description of the time and place is so detailed I was instantly transported into another world of sights and smells Captain Sam Wyndham describes that he s far from perfect but is determined to solve the murders going above and beyond to get justice The other main character is Sam s sergeant Surrender not Banerjee an Indian working in the Imperial Police Force who had sacrificed his family to work in the force.The book held my attention from the first line to the last sentence, the author describes the country and settings in great detail that it s not hard to imagine Calcutta in 1921 a time in the history of changes when the Indians were peacefully protesting about British rule A different and intriguing plot, excellent descriptive use of language and great knowledge of life and times in 1921 particularly of the military role as well as the Imperial Police force.I certainly enjoyed all the twist and turns this book had to offer, the characters and ways of Captain Sam his use of opium, the opium dens and Surrender not the sergeant a good man who was always trying to keep Sam on the straight and narrow did make me compare them to Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson I will definitely be recommending reading Smoke and Ashes by Abir Mukherjee to my friends and family It is an excellent murder mystery and I look forward to from this author.Book reviewed on Whispering Stories Book Blog

  5. Mrs. H Mrs. H says:

    I love these Cpt Sam Wyndham novels Although set historically post WW1 and in India one almost feels at home there are so many parts that feel familiar The way it is written is inclusive and with consideration of all parties I like a novel that lets me know a little of another era whilst still keeping up a reasonably fast pace Abir Mukherjee has oboviously researcher this period intensively and he makes the time come alive The story kept me in mystery and turning the pages to find the answers to who dunit and why.I look forward to the next Sam Wndyham adventure.

  6. NicJ NicJ says:

    Another brilliant outing for Captain Wyndham and Surrender not Historical India and the characters are the real treasures in all 3 of the books and this one is no exception The plots are a little plodding but remain hugely enjoyable throughout For me, Smoke and Ashes just pips A Rising Man as my favourite I regularly recommend this series to friends although always suggest they read the books in order

  7. J. D. Fitzpatrick J. D. Fitzpatrick says:

    I really enjoyed this book and the two main characters, Sam Wyndham and Surrender not Banerjee Set in Calcutta in the 1920s this who dun nit paints a great picture of a multi cultural society with all the tensions arising from the aftermath of WW1 and the political aspirations of different cultural groups Pressure is on, as murders have to be solved, and Sam has two antagonists to overcome his opium addiction and the Military Secret Police There is a distinct feel of John Buchan about the action.The story is loosely based on an historical fact.

  8. IP IP says:

    I have enjoyed all three of the series and hope that will follow They are good detective stories which also reflect India at that time with all its political and cultural difficulties.

  9. Chirpy Chirpy says:

    A superb series of books and if the first was good, the second was better, this third is superb Great to see a young author write with such skill, creating memorable characters and developing gripping story lines Definitely in the top ten of my favourite authors and I cannot wait for the next adventure of Sam Wyndham If you have never read this series you have missed a treat.

  10. Mohsin A. Siddiqi Mohsin A. Siddiqi says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in the series, but I think Smoke and Ashes tops them both The characters have really developed now, and the relationships, particularly between Wyndham and Banerjee are really well described The story itself is intriguing, the action scenes were believable, and the ending was superb I hope there will be many of this series

  11. Peter252 Peter252 says:

    Already a committed fan of the series and this only underlines the quality of Mr Mukherjee s writing and storytelling.The best of the series so far, with a highly original plot and characterisation that just seems to better with each outing Looking forward to the next one.If you have yet to discover Captain Wyndham and Stand alone , get started.

  12. APyper APyper says:

    If you thought this series couldn t get better You thought wrong.This is such a brilliant read Same as the other two Each time I think wow this was amazing, how can he top this Abir Mukherjee delivers another masterpiece.The book takes us back to Calcutta and back to the independence struggles and it s like coming back to an old familiar friend who has become even better than before and yet kept all those amazing qualities you loved from before.This series keeps going from strength to strength and I look forward to continue reading about the adventures of Sam and Surrender not.

  13. Elaine Harris Elaine Harris says:

    Abir Mukherjee is an outstanding crime writer.Smoke and Ashes is his third and possibly his finest book You become ingulfed in1920s India and a plot that will leave you breathless.

  14. michael wilkinson michael wilkinson says:

    I ve read all three of these books and won t be reading any of them , I m sorry for anyone who paid full price, I m not that happy I paid at all Quite simply the story is literally unbelievable, not well written , the characters have run their course with the continued use of surrender not enough to drive anyone mad It was semi amusing in book one but the gag ran out of steam a,long time ago As for the opium storyline, that s about as interesting as watching paint dry, I don t care if Sam smokes the stuff or not but if he does and to that degree he won t make it to book four thank God.

  15. Phill Jones Phill Jones says:

    A great and worthy 3rd instalment in the Sam Wyndham trilogy Continues with the same charm, pace and historical detail of the other books I was afraid it might not build on the 2nd book, but I was wrong to be worried It s great to see an artist evolve especially from a such a strong start Mukherjee s greatest skill is controlling the pace, building drama when needed, taking time to work on a character or historical element when needed The humour is layered throughout, but never undermines the story A highly entertaining read and I learnt something too.