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The Gyp, Hoodwink, Shuck, Sandbag An Art Form That Has Been Passed Down Through Generations Of Hustlers, Con Men, And Freaks Selling Snake Oil Is The Ultimate Con, And Readers Will Find Within These Pages Everything From Classic Deceptions To The Most Recent Of Ruses From Fooling Your Friends To Dangerous Stage Stunts, Jim Rose, Snake Oil Salesman Extraordinaire, Provides New Angles To Old Tricks Those Who Dare To Explore These Pages Will Find Themselves Enticed By This Special Brand Of Snake Oil Step Right Up It S All Here There S Nothing It Won T Cure

5 thoughts on “Snake Oil: Life's Calculations, Misdirections, and Manipulations

  1. Kevin T. Keith Kevin T. Keith says:

    This book is interesting and informative, but clearly a quick n dirty effort Rose claims he wants to tell all he has learned about con games and sideshow ruses, before he starts to forget any of it In fact, it s obvious that he merely rattled off whatever happened to come into his head as quickly as he could and slapped it between two covers In some places, he tells the same stories twice in the space of a few pages apparently forgetting he had already mentioned them and in many places he merely retails well known parlor tricks as insider secrets.There is no attempt in the book to be systematic it is a hodgepodge of magic tricks, rigged carnival games, actual con scams, math tricks, mentalism, bar bets, and just about any other kind of tricky move, but only a few of each Anyone who has read even a little about any of the above subjects will find they already know most of what he has to say and that a vast range of lore in each category has been left out.The book would work well if it were billed as an introductory review of different kinds of tricks and scams maybe for kids who are intrigued by such things but haven t started to read up on them yet It also needs some serious editing and better organization With that less ambitious aim in mind, the book can be read for pleasure and information but as a comprehensive review of every scam ever pulled, from an insider expert, this book itself is its own best scam.

  2. P. Delahunty P. Delahunty says:

    Pretty poor to be honest.

  3. Freak of Nurture Freak of Nurture says:

    I d have given this book five stars but for the fact the book was shorter than I d have liked and some of the info doubles up in subsiquent chapters However having gotten my very small beef out of the way this book is fascinating If you ever fantisize about joining the circus or becoming a con man then you ll love this book From mentalism to sword swallowing, from pimping to card sharping More scams than you can shake a stick at.

  4. Raven Lunatic Raven Lunatic says:

    There s a lot of great info in this book and it s a lot of fun to read.If you want to win bar bets or you re curious about how these things work, then read this book.

  5. Gary D. Heldt Gary D. Heldt says:

    I bought this book based on a magazine article I read that made it seem interesting Boy, was that a mistake Snake Oil as a title must be Jim Rose s little joke on us, because this book is exactly that, a specious product sold by a charlatan I now have the book in a box where I keep it while I think of someone I dislike enough to give it to.