Audiobooks Snooker Secrets: How to Cue Like A Pro –

Welcome to the first book of the series from Snooker Secrets Throughout the Snooker Secrets series of books we aim to provide players of all levels an easy to follow guide that includes all the most important information, along with new secrets that have until now never been disclosed The information is sourced from former professional master Snooker coach and guru Roy Chisholm, whose career in Snooker spans overyears There is no question that if you follow, digest and incorporate the principles put forward throughout the books, your game will improve considerably The aim of this book is to provide players with all the key information that is essential when developing a good cuing action As cuing is fundamental to all aspects of the game, it s an area of the game that must be mastered first As well as highlighting key areas of cuing, which all the top level professional players share, we also provide useful tips and advice which are essential in getting the best out of your cuing action