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3 thoughts on “Social Media: Strategies To Mastering Your Brand- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (Social Media, Social Media Marketing) (English Edition)

  1. Loretta Lynn Loretta Lynn says:

    To be honest, there s no way I can do this review without sounding like a sellout So here we go I m just going to sound like a sellout.A lot of self help books and marketing guides out there that profess big money if you follow their step by step instructions Then said instructions are frustratingly convoluted about their process, and most of it is fairly common sense They re tips and tricks that are common knowledge in the vaguest way That s one of the first things that makes this book stand out it doesn t try to sell you with the promise of big bucks or a get rich quick scheme.The second thing that stands out is the level of detail, organization, and the general breakdown of each platform they mention It even gives examples of things to make the tasks easier There s helpful links in the Kindle version, at least The author s tone manages to sound like they know what they re talking about without being a salesperson.It flowed well, it made sense, and the topics were relevant to the current headings I actually managed to garner a few new ideas , which is not something I can usually say I was actually pretty impressed with how this one was laid out.

  2. George Shadow George Shadow says:

    Social media branding is now a case of knowing the right thing to do in order to maximize awareness and clientele for companies pushing for a strong presence online Websites like Google, Snapchat, Pinterest and Facebook have the capacity and capabilities to do this and The problem is that companies especially startups trying to avail themselves of these opportunities often fall short since they happen to incomprehensively apply relevant strategies and website tools The good news is that this problem is often surmountable.The book, SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES TO MASTERING YOUR BRAND, takes a critical look at most of these gargantuan online players and their capabilities, mapping out the best strategies startups and established firms can adopt in order to better utilize the available options, tools and online presence of these renowned websites.Chapter titles pick on the individual websites, outlining strategies best suited for achieving marketing success through these behemoths in simple English Typographical and grammatical errors are nonexistent while the author s exemplary professionalism leaps out from every page The interior formatting is quite good and my Kindle for Windows mobile breezed through the pages The book cover also stands out owing to its aesthetic beauty.I like it that the book focused on the bigger websites This does not mean that there are no smaller online players Moreover, the strategies Author Kelly outlined in the text could easily be used to maneuver the maze of smaller sites yet to establish a stronger online presence like their bigger neighbors Definitely a good handbook for the online marketer.

  3. Amanda Dawn Amanda Dawn says:

    I have a small business and help with a non profit s Facebook and other social media sites so I was very excited to pick up a copy of Social Media Strategies to Mastering Your Brand, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat by David Kelly I was hoping it would teach me ways to attract followers to my social media pages and show me better ways to make my posts engaging and worth the time I spent working on the pages The intro to this book promised not only help with these four social media outlets but several others including Flickr, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.The book started off fairly strong and talked about branding which I knew was important and while we have clearly defined Mission and Vision Statements on the pages I knew working on a branding statement might help keep the point of our posts and interactions to the point The author gave clear examples of what branding statements looking like and I was ready to learn how to start making that work in my favor on social media.After that I have to say I was quite a bit disappointed I ll admit I don t have accounts on all the different media the author discussed but I did have several account like Twitter and Facebook that was discussed and the information was nothing than what I learned poking around some on my own on those sites already I didn t fully understand the directions to the other sites because I ve never been on them but I imagine if I was looking at the screens I would have also figured this out without the help from the book The information provided is quite rudimentary.The biggest downside to this book is the editing or rather the lack thereof It looks as if no one proofed it before it was published and it shows The other thing I have to add is that at many points in the book that looked as though they had been simply lifted out of articles about the particular social media form and sat in the book There were a couple of times where an example of a person using the social media application of interest suddenly just showed up in the middle of a story and made no sense no matter how far back in the chapter I backtracked.There is a final chapter addressing statistics from sites but I felt like it was already things I knew like finding out what time of the day you should post to catch the most viewers and seeing which posts the viewers liked the most and trying to recreate those posts I was already trying these things on my own and it seems hit and miss for the most part so I was hoping there was going to be some creative ways to post demonstrated in the book but there was no sign of them All the suggestions for maximizing social media for your business seemed almost the same for each application the author talked about.If you are brand new to social media and don t have a clue how to make a page or open an account on any of the social media platforms mentioned you might find this book helpful You might also just be able to figure it out on your own playing with it for a day or so as well If you ve already created your social media platforms and have been at it a while there s really not that much for you in this book.