Special Effects Make-up: For Film and Theatre (Backstage) ePUB – Bilb-weil.de

OK as reference, not as comprehensive as hoped, OK for price.Lots of injury type make up, useful but not comprehensive OK for the money, especially if lower than rrp For comprehensive on all types of film make up, maybe look elsewhere However, if you want to make a gore fest type movie or something with injuries in it s OK.Presently stuck on a shelf until needed as other books cover other aspects of film make up better injury stuff is good though so fair play to the book. Why would you produce a book about make up and special effects and the pictures inside are all black and white I was a little disappointed that non of the images of the effects were in colour I know imagination is what we make it but it would have made it easier for beginning special effects. I was very disappointed when I received the book only to find that there are few illustrations, and the pictures that are in the book are black and white Not ideal when dealing with makeup and artistic creation I think at 20 it is very overpriced for what you get. It s good , a present for Xmas for my grandaughter Hugely disappointed as book is black and white inside and not very good at showing how to do make up. Special effects have become an increasingly important part of both film and theatre production With storylines becoming sensational and technology sophisticated, the market for high quality special effects is huge In this book Janus Vinther provides step by step guidelines for achieving a wide variety of grotesque and outlandish effects, including bullet holes, body fluids and burns In addition there is a chapter on specialised character make up, ranging from Dracula to the Terminator With detailed explanation of techniques and materials and illustrated throughout, this book contains everything you need to know to look your worst Item was as described Fast delivery thank you Great book very informative. In recent months my intention to run a horror based murder mystery event for an adult audience has led me into researching special effects make up My search led to this book, and I ordered my copy and awaited its arrival.What can I say about this book In a word Excellent This valuable book will teach you how to do everything from a black eye to a severed limb The effects in this book are gory and incredible to look at, be warned some may turn your stomach.Not only that but with the step by step instructions I ve discovered that in fact this kind of make up isn t that difficult at all I ve already experimented with several of the effects and the looks of disgust from friends can only vouch for the realistic nature this book demonstrates The book also advises on how to do the effects both simply and cheaply but also gives options to use advanced techniques and materials to enhance the results.The book does have some specific character make up instructions in the back to do such characters as Freddie Kruger, Dracula or Pinhead but to be honest most of these are pretty mediocre and the results shown look very amateurish which in my mind is what takes this book from a 5 to a 4 There are however still a few character effects that would perhaps give ideas and tips so its not all wasted.This book really is a must for any amateur interested in creating effects such as burns, cuts, severed digits or limbs, bullet holes or a whole host of wound style effects.