Free Audible Special Effects Make-up: For Film and Theatre (Backstage) By Janus Vinther –

Like the tittle, i was AMAZED before the first time that i read one page of this book, is incredible, if you want to learn and you re an amateur makeuper THIS IS YOUR BOOK Get It Special Effects Have Become An Increasingly Important Part Of Both Film And Theatre Production With Storylines Becoming Sensational And Technology Sophisticated, The Market For High Quality Special Effects Is Huge In This Book Janus Vinther Provides Step By Step Guidelines For Achieving A Wide Variety Of Grotesque And Outlandish Effects, Including Bullet Holes, Body Fluids And Burns In Addition There Is A Chapter On Specialised Character Make Up, Ranging From Dracula To The Terminator With Detailed Explanation Of Techniques And Materials And Illustrated Throughout, This Book Contains Everything You Need To Know To Look Your Worst