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Summary: This is book three in the A Glimpse into Hell series, and was written for the extreme gore lovers The story is pure gore for the sake of gore The main character, Seth Coker, and his sidekick, Barry Muller, hold nothing back as they inflict the most gruesome and sadistic acts of torture on the criminals and lowlifes of our society This book is extremely graphic, but it’s also filled with dark humor Splatterpunk gets straight to the gore and has very little storyline compared to the first two books in this series It jumps from one gory scene after another without any rhyme or reasonWARNING: This book is extreme and contains filthy, grotesque and brutal torture scenes It contains GRAPHIC CONTENT, ADULT LANGUAGE amp; POLITICAL INCORRECTNESS, and may be disturbing to sensitive readers A brief comment from the author:My subject matter and humor is not for everyone, especially criminals particularly molesters and rapists, and people that believe criminals have rights, or even people that are sensitive to extreme gore I know this will occasionally cost me a low rating and BS review, even though I posted numerous warnings In addition, I welcome advice from my readers I write because of you, so I listen to criticism and praise I’ve tried to create the best quality read possible, but unfortunately, most of us indie authors don't have the means to hire an expensive editing agency like the mainstream authors publishers use, and some of us rely on friends, family, fans and individuals that charge a reasonable fee I can read a sentence ten times with a mistake, and my brain plugs in the correct word, even if it’s missing, so I’m useless as a proofreader Even though I used editing software and numerous people have edited proofread it, there could be some errors remaining If anyone wants to proofread edit my books, please email meIf you like Splatterpunk, please leave a review The positive reviews, the higher it is on ’s search list, resulting in people finding it I truly appreciate the positive reviews, comments and support that I have been receiving, and that is the reason that I wrote this book, the third one in this series, and will continue writing as long as there are people that appreciate my workIf you have any questions, comments or advice, please feel free to contact me at waderrett@gmailBest wishes,Wade H Garrett

10 thoughts on “Splatterpunk (A Glimpse into Hell, #3)

  1. Jessicka Jessicka says:

    As a fan of Wade's unique stories, I was super excited to read this. Seth is a character I have come to grow fond of over Wade's previous two books featuring him. Whilst not a massive part in this book, Seth's part in this book was still strong and enough to leave an impression on the reader.

    This book differs slightly than the first two in that Seth isn't really the protagonist... Instead he has a bitch he kindly refers to as Elmer Fudd who does most of the punishment.

    As in the previous novels, Garrett is not afraid to use extreme violence and disturbing, vile imagery to get his point across. In fact one scene in this (the scene with the woman, if you read it you will know which one I mean), is simply the most abhorrent and disgusting combination of visceral words I have ever come across. I mean this with the highest praise. I am someone that loves all things gore and spatter punk is right up my alley. However, that scene alone makes this book unforgettable and very weary to who on my friends list I would recommend it to haha.

    Overall this was a great read and I definitely recommend it if you are a fan of the previous books - or love a sickening, vomit inducing book that is well written and which has both humour (you'll feel bad for laughing), and a character who is really likeable.

    5/5 yet again!

  2. Brenda Seaberg Brenda Seaberg says:

    As plainly stated: Gore Written for the Sake of Gore. And wow, the King of Gruesome has done it again!

    I believe the draw to these books is that our justice system is broken. People who should be in prison for life – or even given the death sentence – end up out in record time. Legal loopholes are numerous, and it seems some attorneys can easily find them. (This is not a jab at attorneys. I do have some very good attorney friends who try hard, but it’s a rough system they’re up against.)

    In these books, we see people get what’s coming to them. Okay, maybe it’s a little over the top – but it’s still wonderful to see that they’re never going to be out there again, preying on the weak.

    I will mention that you probably won’t want to eat while you’re reading these. I made that mistake, and just about lost my appetite at times. LOL!

    If you would love to see true justice for molesters, rapists, etc. who have managed to beat the system, you will love Wade’s books!

  3. Meowth Meowth says:

    Seth became one of my all time favourite characters ever in literature via the first two books, and while he isn't in this latest installment as much it's actually fantastic having an inside look at the various scumbags thought processes as well as his new slave/bitch/apprentices thoughts on the whole thing. I loved the modern approach with live steaming and I hope you never stop writing about Seth, Mr. Garrett.

    However I do hope #4 is longer, as lengthy splatterpunk lit is really hard to find, and it's almost always <150 pages.

    Anyway, fans of all things extreme horror - do yourself a solid and read this book as well as the first two!you won't be sorry!

  4. Melissa Melissa says:

    Honestly, do not read this book if you have a weak stomach. The depths of depravity in this book knows no bounds! If you are a fan of gore, this is definitely the book for you. I can't tell you how many times I had to put the book down and breath. Half the time, I was scared to read the next sentence! I've read all three of these books, and I loved them all.
    I'm definitely looking forward to reading more from this author!!

  5. Jimmy Fly Jimmy Fly says:

    Wade did it again. This book has some of the most filthiest and grotesque things that I have ever read. Bring on book 4. Can’t wait.

  6. alexandria alexandria says:

    A great read if you love gore

    I felt this story was great and so realistic it made me cringe at some points. I am hooked on his series.

  7. Henk Wester Henk Wester says:

    Brutal and Sadistic Read

    Again, Mr Wade H. Garrett holds nothing back in the third installment of AGIH series.

    This time, Seth Coker has a sidekick, Barry Muller, who helps him inflict gruesome justice on lowlifes and scumbags.

    The third book is much shorter than the previous two. This time around, there is also women being tortured and mutilated the same as the men.

    It also seems as though this book is better written than the previous two. Either Mr Garrett's writing abilities improved or he had a better editor.

    I'll keep continuing to support Mr. Garrett, since he delivers the goods in the extreme horror genre.

  8. Angela Ogdie Angela Ogdie says:

    The Gore Continues

    Unfortunately, this book is my least favorite so far. Seth isn't in this one as often and not much to the storyline outside of Elmer and the people tortured.

    Elmer is the main character in this story but it would've been helpful to re-introduce him and in a different way since the reader met him in the last book. Also, he needs more character building which I hope to see in the future.

    I did enjoy this book and it was well written for the most part.

  9. Mkittysamom Mkittysamom says:

    Hmm I feel like this went soaring to global heights

    Also a new character to mix it up.. and I think that Mr. Fudd finally finished his “program”. There was a twist but it wasn’t as dramatic to me. Also I wish somebody punished people who abuse others emotionally.. always the physical ones get caught.

  10. Andrew Andrew says:


    So good as all before. Not as good of a storyline but I liked Seth being teamed up with someone again. Wade never ceases to amaze with the new horrific plots he comes up with!