[Audiobooks] Sports Illustrated Kids In Your Face 3D: The Best 3-D Book Ever!Autor David E Klutho – Bilb-weil.de

Presents Three Dimensional Action Photographs Of Famous Athletes In Such Sports As Basketball, Football, Swimming, Baseball, Hockey, And Automobile Racing

5 thoughts on “Sports Illustrated Kids In Your Face 3D: The Best 3-D Book Ever!

  1. Anthony Chiappette Anthony Chiappette says:

    Over the past few years, I have gotten into 3D photography It is only recently I have decided to buy some books showcasing 3D photography I ve bought maybe a dozen, and I must say this book is INCREDIBLE.I am far from being a kid I enjoyed this book thoroughly The photos presented are just fantastic David Klutho is an amazing 3D photographer I m not into sports much, but this book is very entertaining The photo I like best is the one with the all of the sports gear baseball, hockey puck, etc which is laid flat and viewed from an angle the object appear like a real baseball, hockey puck, etc which you can reach down and pick up this is a very neat trick they are called Phantograms which is any 3D photo that appears to pop right off of the page There s a lot of out of window action going on in the book, which is really nice Anaglyphs, by their very nature are known for muted colors and ghosting of images in each eye These photos can be viewed very nicely with not much of either the author really knows how to shoot photos for anaglyph something I am not good at yet.The author is well aware of the rules of sterecopy, or stereographic photography, and it shows in every photo shown in this book I find myself viewing these images again and again.I would recommend this book to anyone who want s to see photographs in a way they have never seen them before.I d give the book 10 starts if I could.


    This book is stunning in its 3D photography one of the best analglyph red blue books I have ever seen The price is right from this vendor bought 2 so far will buy another soon If I have one very minor criticism, it is that there is some ghosting with the cyan lens of the right side Maybe if the cyan lens were slightly darker it might help That s why I keep a pair of red blue glasses with me as well Most of the pictures are excellent Make sure that you have a lot of light to view the pictures esp sunlight Analglyphs need much light Also make sure that the light enters from the top of the book not the sides you ll get glare from side lighting I like to place the book near a sunny window Get yourself a copy one for your kids It is truly a spectacular book 3D photog is a hobby one of many of mine Hopefully you got yourself the Sports Illustrated 3D issues They were spectacular as well Happy viewing

  3. Bob S. Bob S. says:

    My 8 year old grandson s eyes popped when he saw this book The images really jump out of the page at you, which is to be expected in a 3 D book On top of that, there are a number of fascinating sports action shots One in particular of a rock climber is just amazing If your children love sports, buy this book The only downside is it comes with only 1 pair of 3 D glasses, so be prepared to have siblings fighting over who gets to use them

  4. David E. Starkman David E. Starkman says:

    While the title may seem a bit hyperbolic, this really is the best quality color anaglyph uses Red Cyan 3 D glasses 3 D book produced to date David Klutho s 3 D photography is outstanding, and the 3 D artwork and layouts by Ron Labbe make the maxium and best use of this medium If you like the subject, or 3 D, or both, you won t be disappointed