{Free books} Stage Crafts (Learning Activities for Early Years)Author Chris Hoggett – Bilb-weil.de

A book for school drama productions and amateur groups, with sections on the acting area, construction and use of rosta and flats, design, painting and printing, making props, costume accessories, make up and a list of materials and suppliers

7 thoughts on “Stage Crafts (Learning Activities for Early Years)

  1. fireflymaster fireflymaster says:

    This book is brilliant and ideal for all amateur dramatics societies and even schools putting on productions so useful with ideas on building stage sets and scenery, most of which is rapidly demountable in minutes

  2. Mary Cooney Mary Cooney says:

    Thus is a gem of a book and a must for anybody involved in theatre, especially drama It is so clear and easy to follow It gives you wonderful ideas using the most inexpensive ideas It arrived on time from and in perfect condition and I am thrilled with this purchase.

  3. Jeremy G Jeremy G says:

    no further comment needed happy with purchase

  4. Phosphene Phosphene says:

    Excellent delivery time Good item.

  5. russell peters russell peters says:

    Stage Crafts is the best book for people starting out doing the backstage work It has great illustrations and suggestions.

  6. Sofie Jacobs Sofie Jacobs says:

    I just started a theatre production company and, although this book is a little outdated, it s full of usefull information that will definitely help me with my first productions.

  7. Joseph Sandberg Joseph Sandberg says:

    It came early and came in good shape even though it came from the good will option from it is worth is indescribable for those in theatre on a low budget.