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Stage Lighting Design Is A Comprehensive Introduction To The Creation Of Lighting For Performance, Tracing The Evolution Of Lighting Design From Ancient Drama To Contemporary Theatre Neil Fraser Covers Everything That Today S Designers Will Need To Know, From The Simple Nuts And Bolts Of Equipment, Through To The Complexity Of A Full Lighting Rig, Including All Aspects Of The Stage Electrician And Lighter Designer S Roles This Revised Second Edition Includes New Material On Historical Development, Intelligent Control Systems And The Latest Advances In LED Fixtures And Luminaires Each Chapter Includes Key Exercises, Now Totalling , That Enable The Reader To Practise Their Skills On A Wide Variety Of Lighting Challenges The Work Of Current Designers Is Showcased And Analysed, With Examples From Complete And Detailed Lighting Designs

5 thoughts on “Stage Lighting Design: Second Edition (Crowood Theatre Companions)

  1. Breixo Breixo says:

    Manual corto de introduccion a la iluminacionno esta mal

  2. Colonel Walmoth Colonel Walmoth says:

    This book had some good info in it, but the format and layout make it very difficult to read, and nearly impossible to find info quickly as a reference The flow is constantly interrupted by annoying orange boxes, and graphics following the throughline of text is like working through a maze and it s unclear where some paragraphs end and pick up when you can follow the text, it is often presented as a series of questions, assuming that you have the instrument in front of you to examine I ve never considered returning a book, but this might be the first time I was excited to find a theater lighting book copyright 2018, and although there is some discussion about LED, this book is still heavily biased toward traditional incandescent lights Lastly there are pages of lighting design plans, which is good, but no photographs showing what those designs look like, which renders them practically useless to the beginner Finally, the terminology is British, which doesn t do much good if you live work on the states Overall, I feel like other books are much better at conveying the same information.

  3. mixtapeclothing.co.uk Customer mixtapeclothing.co.uk Customer says:

    The first book I ever read on the subject of stage lighting was The Stage Lighting handbook and it completely changed the way I thought of lighting This book took those same concepts and expanded and refined them It showed me that there was than one method of lighting the stage and helped me figure out how to create the looks I wanted It helped me notice the light in the world around me and taught me how to use that to create effects on the stage In the 21st Century when lighting is dominated by LEDs and automated fixtures the same concepts that this book outlines still apply It s the best book I ve read on the subject.

  4. Jim Jim says:

    Good subject coverage

  5. Happy feet Happy feet says:

    Gave this book to my granddaughter as a gift as she is majoring in all aspects of stagecraft She was very happy with it.