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This collection of Stanley Kubrick interviews has been a joy to read, as Kubrick is never anything but abnormally thoughtful and eloquent in his interviews, but one big thing I do regret is that he never talks about his film The Shining in any of the interviews included in this book for some reason.And that s a shame, because I would ve enjoyed reading about that, too. I Might Try To Make Something Of An Imperfect Story With My Efforts As A Writer, But I Would Never Attempt To Film A Story That I Was Not Finally In Love With From His First Feature Film, Fear And Desire , To His Final, Posthumously Released Eyes Wide Shut , Stanley Kubrick Excelled At Probing The Dark Corners Of Human Consciousness In Doing So, He Adapted Such Popular Novels As The Killing, Lolita, A Clockwork Orange, And The Shining And Selected A Wide Variety Of Genres For His Films Black Comedy Dr Strangelove , Science Fiction A Space Odyssey , And War Paths Of Glory And Full Metal Jacket Because He Was Peerless In Unveiling The Intimate Mysteries Of Human Nature, No New Film By Kubrick Ever Failed To Spark Debate Or To Be Deeply Pondered Neither Guarded Nor Evasive, The Kubrick Who Emerges From These Interviews Is Candid, Opinionated, Confident, And Articulate His Incredible Memory And His Gift For Organization Come To Light As He Quotes Verbatim Sections Of Reviews, Books, And Articles Despite His Reputation As A Recluse, The Kubrick Of These Interviews Is Approachable, Witty, Full Of Anecdotes, And Eager To Share A Fascinating Story Gene D Phillips, SJ Is A Professor Of English At Loyola University In Chicago, Where He Teaches Fiction And The History Of Film He Is The Author And Editor Of Many Notable Books On Film Including With Rodney Hill Francis Ford Coppola Interviews From University Press Of Mississippi He Was Acquainted With Stanley Kubrick For Twenty Five Years His book was full of insightful interview and well crafted he edited all his print interviews himself responses from the master of cinema Some are a little redundant, I could have done without learning about his roots as a photographer for Look Magazine five or times over, as the bulk of the book are reprinted magazine articles that each have the obligatory bio blurb But as a massive Kubrick fan I was not disappointed by the insight into his films provided by the great auteur himself. This book is incredibly interesting for any Kubrick fan What s great about the book is many of the interviews were done as Kubrick was shooting different movies I just finished reading two interviews done during the shooting of Strangelove and 2001 This is a perfect gift for anyone who is a fan of film This book goes to show that Kubrick was and is the greatest American director of all time. I enjoyed this not for the explanation of his films but for his philosophical musings which there is considerably of.