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One Girl Five Prince Charmings Who Said Happily Ever After Is Only For Two After My Grandfather Died, He Left Me One Thing A Magical Book Now Im Enrolling At An Academy For Fairy Tale Characters And Its Up To Me To Put Their Stories Back TogetherThere Are Just A Couple Problems Last Time I Read A Bedtime Story, I Was SixIts Not Like People Are Walking Around Introducing Themselves As Prince CharmingAnd Speaking Of Princes The Princes I Do Meet Arent Interested In Their Princesses But Theyre Only Interested In Kissing Me My Grandfathers Letter Said The Fate Of Both This World And My Own Rests On My Rewriting The Fairy Tales Thats A Lot For A Sixteen Year Old To Deal With Let Alone Throwing In Some Villains Who Only Want To See Me FailOnce Upon A Time As We Know It, Will Never Be The Same Disclaimer This Is A Why Choose Reverse Harem Story Where The Heroine Falls For Many Heroes And Does Not Pick Just One

3 thoughts on “Storybook Academy: The Keeper (English Edition)

  1. Lisa Lisa says:

    It was alright Kind of disappointed the author chose to go with the Disney renditions of fairytales since the story wasn t limited to Disney stories There were also mistakes throughout the book, like saying Prince Charming belonged in the Mirror s world, or typos pretty sure it s not a regional variation thing Characters are almost fleshed out, but not quite there yet Kind of weird how they re all madly in love with her right off the bat, with no other reason than you re different I can see how that would spark interest, but full on love It s not that I m against romance, it just wasnt convincing The only character I see her having an actual conversation with is Adam, even if we know he s just tsundere, at least he deviates from the typical YOU RE THE ONE talk.

  2. Twinsie Kelly Twinsie Kelly says:

    This is a fun YA, twisted fairytale, reverse harem story The world as we know it is slowly forgetting about fairytales and we find out that they are fading away Serina is in a world where using her imagination is forbidden Her grandfather passes away and leaves her a storybook Not just a storybook but THE storybook She finds out that after his passing she has been deemed the next keeper of the Storybook Realm When she is whisked away to the Storybook Realm she finds herself at the academy Since all the stories are fading away she has to rewrite them But in the Storybook Realm she has to rewrite them by getting the fairytales to play out Unfortunately she has all the princes falling for her She ends up in the middle of a story and has to find a way to rewrite the character she replaced into another story Serina is just a teenage girl and has been given a huge job of keeping the fairytales alive and well Part of the problem is she is loving being at the Academy instead of at home At the Academy she is treated like she mattered and would be missed if she ever disappeared She s having an issue with not mixing business with pleasure , haha Reader beware, this ends with a cliffhanger but by the end of the book I was aware of the bad guys but trying to figure out who we can trust I look forward to continuing this series and seeing if the Storybook Realm can be saved.

  3. BarbC BarbC says:

    What a strange and wonderful story To believe in a Storybook Realm is akin to belief in another dimension The crossover is exciting and the betrayal is epic Can t wait to see what happens next.