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Everything you need to enter the exciting field of mediationTo be an effective mediator, it s essential to possess the ability to take control of contentious situations, facilitate discussion, and lead people to better solutions than those they d be capable of reaching without your lead all the while remaining neutral without formulating biased judgment Success as a Mediator For Dummies helps you acquire these attributes and muchAspiring mediators will learn the importance of upholding an honorable reputation, the skills, personality traits, and characteristics of a good mediator, and how to effectively market a successful mediation career Plus, you ll get practical advice about finding work in the field, realistic salary information, and tips on as tips on identifying whether you have the skills and tools to become a good mediatorThe steps necessary to become a mediator education, training, licensing, states specific requirements, etc How your education and professional background can enhance your mediation workSample rules and standards of conductAll the steps necessary to build and market a successful private practice in mediation, or flourish as a mediator in a law firm, corporation, school, or non profit organizationWhether you have a background in law, an interest in legal careers or a desire to help your friends, neighbors, fellow workers or the members of your business or professional sphere, Success as a Mediator For Dummies gives you everything you need to enter the exciting field of mediation

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