Succubus Lord 3 Audible –

Good vs evil vs goodJacob has the powers of both he ll ad heaven He is learning to use them while being attacked a lot by the forces of hell The best way to recharge is to have a lot of discriptive sex with 3 beautiful succubus, but he s up to the challenge.Th story is long and l had to force myself to read through the story, but in the end it got better. Demons, Angels and Witty Humour Still going strong with this series.Loving every page and the witty and humourous banter between the characters.Looking forward to reading the rest Continuing to be enjoyableYes, there s sex scenes with multiple people involved, multiple battles with angels, demons, wizards, humans, etc It has some strategy, tactics, betrayal, psychological issues to new dealt with, long trips, meet the parents, and cross country multiple Uber bills to pay.And resultGood read Like it enough to look for book 4 Just a ton of funI really do enjoy this series I like the world building, the magic setup flame types and the various succubi and demon types There s also a lot of fun sight seeing, battles, and witty banter. Very enjoyable read.I enjoyed reading this book and laughed at the antics of Todd a lot Honestly the humor in this series is the best part The characters are interesting and being developedin each book Overall it was fun to read and I enjoyed it. Excellent Just as good as the first two The characters just keep getting better and better I really like the way the fight between demons and angels is told in a different way It s a great book that you should read. DisclaimerSubmissive succubus joins the harem Helps gateJakey,Todd and the girls go after the worst demons of allpoliticians Our hero s embark onadventures and fun times On to book 4,gotta have an all NiceEric vall churns out some good books,I enjoy this throughly like I do most of his books.cant wait for book four Succubus Lord 3.Once again Mr vall has given another great book in the succubus Lord series , we ll told story can t wait for.