Sueos World Spanishis ideal for adult beginners, whether learning at home or in a class It will enable you to communicate in Spanish speaking countries throughout the world and gives you an insight into the rich diversity of cultures in Spain and Latin AmericaThis course book is designed to be used with the Sueos World Spanishaudio CDs, which are available separatelyEach of the twenty units is divided into accessible learning blocks to enable rapid progress and there are regular review sections and tips to help you develop personal learning strategies Sueos World Spanishcan help you reach the equivalent level of a first qualification, such as GCSEThispage course bookis also available in a pack with the Sueos World Spanish audio CDs Great book I ordered it for use in the US as US textbooks are absolutely horrible This is such better quality than any of the American textbooks I had tried My students love it and it s easily adaptable for different ages I used this book when I first studied Spanish and this is the reason why I purchased it again after so many years However, if you are completely new to Spanish I do not think this book is helpful There are audio cassettes CDs that have to be used in conjunction with this book otherwise on its own the book, to some extent, is not helpful I did not purchase the tapes at the time but will have to consider this because I forgot that the book refers to them quite regularly That said, the contribution from the cassettes to each section from what I remember was not great hence, not purchasing at the same time, but nevertheless the book does work better in conjunction with listening to the CDs Cassettes I will give it three Stars because, my memory of the accompanying CDs are vague. I really like the BBC courses, I do think the Italian is better than this, but this book is still helpful with the CDs My gem to fellow students is download Google translate if you have an Android device like Samsung, Sony, HTC etc you can use it on PC but it s better on your phone this way you can write out any phrase or convo of your choice have a native speak it out and listen to it as many times as you like, yes pure Gold So maybe you want to go in depth with directions, you use Google translate to build what ever sentence you like It Is Amazing..This was not around in 2001, but now we have smart phones well Divertirse This is one of the best and most comprehensive courses produced by the good old BBC Excellent production and presentation Of course you need the CD s pack as well separately.