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The Tale Of Uber, The Queen Of The So Called Unicorns, Is A Parable About Power And The Lengths To Which Some Startup Founders Will Go To Amass It And Hold Onto It Aside From Being A Delicious Read, Mike Isaac S Account Is Also Teeming With New Revelations That Will Shock And Outrage You John Carreyrou, Author Of Bad BloodThe First Thing To Know About Mike Isaac S New Book Is That It S Wildly Entertaining But It S Also A Very Important Read, Because Isaac Shows How Uber S Messy Inner Workings And Dramatic Power Struggles Have Made A Company That, For Better And Worse, Is Now Part Of The Fabric Of Modern Life Bethany McLean, Author Of The Smartest Guys In The RoomA Gripping, Masterfully Reported Book That Offers An Essential Window Into What Can Go Wrong With Silicon Valley S Growth At Any Cost Culture Sheelah Kolhatkar, Author Of Black EdgeTravis Kalanick Changed An Entire Industry, Made Billions Of Dollars, And Made A Company Into A Verb, And He Did So By Destroying Anything And Anyone Who Stepped In His Way A Riveting Read About Bro Culture Gone Awry Nick Bilton, Special Correspondent, Vanity FairA Detailed, Unsparing Account Of Entrepreneurial Arrogance, Breathtaking Excess, And Cutthroat Competition At One Of The Tech Industry S Most Vaunted, Loathed, And Socially Transformative Companies In Tracking Uber S Turbulent Trajectory And Kalanick S Eventual Fall From Grace, Mike Isaac Illuminates And Indicts Some Of The Business Practices, Cultural Values, And Mythologies Shaping Our New Social Infrastructure Anna Wiener, Author Of Uncanny Valley Isaac S Meticulously Reported Account Of Uber S Trajectory Avoids The Easy Paths Nitasha TikuIsaac Is Great At The Ticktock Of Events As They Unfold, But His Best Work Comes When He Steps Back To Examine The Bigger Picture Leslie BerlinA Devastating Expose John Arlidge R Ollickingly Entertaining Edward Niedermeyer E Xpansive And Lucid The Definitive Uber Book Noah KulwinNew York Times And Wall Street Journal BestsellerA New York Times Technology Correspondent Presents The Dramatic Story Of Uber, The Silicon Valley Startup At The Center Of One Of The Great Venture Capital Power Struggles Of Our TimeIn June , Travis Kalanick, The Hard Charging CEO Of Uber, Was Ousted In A Boardroom Coup That Capped A Brutal Year For The Transportation Giant Uber Had Catapulted To The Top Of The Tech World, Yet For Many Came To Symbolize Everything Wrong With Silicon ValleyAward Winning New York Times Technology Correspondent Mike Isaacs Super Pumped Presents The Dramatic Rise And Fall Of Uber, Set Against An Era Of Rapid Upheaval In Silicon Valley Backed By Billions In Venture Capital Dollars And Led By A Brash And Ambitious Founder, Uber Promised To Revolutionize The Way We Move People And Goods Through The World A Near Instant Unicorn, Uber Seemed Poised To Take Its Place Next To , Apple, And Google As A Technology GiantWhat Followed Would Become A Corporate Cautionary Tale About The Perils Of Startup Culture And A Vivid Example Of How Blind Worship Of Startup Founders Can Go Wildly Wrong Isaac Recounts Ubers Pitched Battles With Taxi Unions And Drivers, The Companys Toxic Internal Culture, And The Bare Knuckle Tactics It Devised To Overcome Obstacles In Its Quest For Dominance With Billions Of Dollars At Stake, Isaac Shows How Venture Capitalists Asserted Their Power And Seized Control Of The Startup As It Fought Its Way Toward Its Fateful IPOBased On Hundreds Of Interviews With Current And Former Uber Employees, Along With Previously Unpublished Documents, Super Pumped Is A Page Turning Story Of Ambition And Deception, Obscene Wealth, And Bad Behavior That Explores How Blistering Technological And Financial Innovation Culminated In One Of The Most Catastrophic Twelve Month Periods In American Corporate History

5 thoughts on “Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber (English Edition)

  1. Lou Lou says:

    A very good study of how the Silicon Valley cult of the founder went and what are the consequences nowadays.Very good book that I highly recommend

  2. Bilal Bilal says:

    This book is a must read for companies scaling to avoid pitfalls of the easy way out

  3. Alice Alice says:

    Halfway through and yes, it s quite remarkable It is like the author was hiding behind doorways in some conversations.So far, and admittedly I haven t seen all of it, I think it feels fair and even handed, not over sensational.The writing is also very good fast reading and I m finding myself obsessed with this story.Hard not to compare it to Bad Blood, equally juicy The difference is that we all saw this we were all riding Ubers and loving the convenience and celebrating the fact that is has transformed urban transportation.And we all knew someone who worked there and hated the culture but who wanted to stay to cash out.Will update in a day or two, with thoughts and details.UPDATE 100 pages to goI am obsessed with this book and the story I find it so amazing that such a large, transformative company was run just so poorly I m at the point where Bad Boy Travis is taking a break from the company and I do feel sorry for him, up to a point I don t feel sorry for the enablers some whom I think Isaac let off pretty lightly In fact, many of the characters he describes show up at least up to this point as quite admirable, such as the CTO Thuan Pham, among others.I cannot wait to talk about this book with friends and observers I am less sanguine that it cannot happen again, and again and again, because the whole startup crazy money chasing the next big thing bro culture has no reason to change.UPDATE finished the book and just raced through toward the end I think everyone interested in startups disruption and tech in general should read this book, for what it says about the whole cycle of money funding new ideas.Was riveted by the ins and outs of Benchmark s actions and how one of the most founder friendly firms in Silicon Valley, could push out a CEO who controls the shares and the board Yes, I loved reading the book but am saddened the the problems will not go away because there s too much money sloshing around looking for the next big thing, with investors all FOMO about the next bro startup Kalanick, who Mike Isaac described as having a philosophy of Ayn Rand meets Wolf of Wall Street, is part of the system, not an outlier Susan Fower s very strange year at Uber is happening again in firms all over, venture firms are ignoring women founders, and tools like AI propogate the same old ideas Sigh.Still, it s great to dissect how this very visible company jumped the shark, and keep the conversation going about how Silicon Valley, innovators, and investors can do much, much better.OK, sermon over.Thanks for reading.

  4. DanaJ DanaJ says:

    Mike Isaac s Super Pumped on Uber is an overall good first effort from the NYT journalist, although it doesn t live up to the high watermark set by John Carreyrou s Bad Blood on Theranos.Super Pumped truly shines in its later chapters Isaac s blow by blow coverage of Uber founder Travis Kalanick s ouster kept me on the edge of my seat, as did his description of the successor CEO selection process Isaac is without a doubt a stellar reporter, having unearthed a number of details I did not know from previous coverage of the in famous Silicon Valley company He is thorough with the scoops and maintains a consistent voice throughout.The things I liked less about Super Pumped could all be ascribed to the fact that Isaac struggles somewhat in making the transition from writing newspaper articles to writing a book The beginning and ending chapters are linear, resulting in a smooth story The middle chapters timeline doesn t follow the same path, resulting in a confusing narrative as there is a lot going on Uber s growth in cities, outside the US, as well as its challenges At times, Isaac is concerned about highlighting how the journalistic scoop unfolded rather than zooming in on the actual story Additionally, Isaac s providing a few sentences on background is perfectly acceptable for a newspaper article, but seems jumpy in a book For instance, we ve already been introduced to Plouffe Uber s political strategist in the prologue, no need to reiterate his resume in Chapter 12 it s just an unnecessary break in the story.Other nits to pick Isaac mentions that the term unicorn was coined in 2013 by a venture capitalist, but doesn t call out that venture capitalist s name Aileen Lee a bummer for a book where the treatment of women in tech is a prominent subject Also, I occasionally scratched my head at the author s apparent obsession with people s height Few of the characters escaped a comment on that topic, even when it seemed irrelevant to their story with the exception of Bill Gurley, of course.I m grateful for the read though, not least because it ends on what I think is an optimistic note Isaac shows us glimpses of the seeds of redemption for Kalanick I m hopeful one day I ll read the book on that story too.

  5. business.mymanandvanwarrington.co.uk User business.mymanandvanwarrington.co.uk User says:

    I was hoping that this would be a great read, but was deeply disappointed that it s not It s the same stories by the same author that wrote the news articles for the NYT, and just basically reprinted in book form He s trying to double dip with the same material.Other books like Bad Blood about Theranos actually have deeply researched and investigated material that make a compelling story and could become a great movie, but not this book unfortunately It reads like the same news articles you ve already read so you leave the book feeling you haven t learned anything .If you want a entertaining and better researched book, go for Bad Blood or any Michael Lewis book This definitely falls short of those caliber of books, unfortunately.