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THE NUMBER ONE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The stunning debut novel from one of the most creative artists of our generation, Bobby Hall, aka Logic Bobby Hall has crafted a mind bending first novel, with prose that is just as fierce and moving as his lyrics Supermarket is like Naked Lunch meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest if they met at Fight Club Ernest Cline,New York Times bestselling author of Ready Player One Flynn is stuck depressed, recently dumped, and living at his mom s house The supermarket was supposed to change all that An ordinary job and a steady check Work isn t work when it s saving you from yourself But things aren t quite as they seem in these aisles Arriving to work one day to a crime scene, Flynn s world collapses as the secrets of his tortured mind are revealed And Flynn doesn t want to go looking for answers at the supermarket Because something there seems to be looking for him A darkly funny psychological thriller, Supermarket is a gripping exploration into madness and creativity Who knew you could find sex, drugs, and murder all in aisle nine