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The Swahili speaking coast of Africa has many attractions its beaches, safaris, and great cultural diversity This dictionary and phrasebook contains all of the vocabulary and phrases necessary to communicate in Swahili, the most widely spoken African language Designed for the visitor, the phrasebook offers vocabulary and phrases for travel and daily life situations Spoken originally along the eastern coast the name kiSwahili means coastal language , and now the official language of Tanzania as well as a major language in Kenya, Uganda and the eastern Congo, Swahili is the lingua franca of Eastern Africa, with overmillion speakers This unique, two part resource provides travelers to Kenya and neighboring nations with the tools they need for daily interaction The bilingual dictionary has a concise vocabulary for everyday use, and the phrasebook allows instant communication on a variety of topics Ideal for businesspeople, travelers, students, and aid workers, this guide includes , dictionary entries Phonetics that are intuitive for English speakers Essential phrases on topics such as transportation, dining out, and business Concise grammar and pronunciation sections I m Tanzanian and this has been a great little book to give to friends visiting my country The cover and paper is of high quality and has good friction to it when flipping through. This compact pocket sized glossary and dictionary is very handy entree into basic communication with E African peoples who use Kiswahili as their lingua franca It follows the tradition long enjoyed by those who first used the Up Country Swahili booklet of F.H.Le Breton, circa 1950 In that forward note, he makes the crucial point that Swahili was mostly then the 2nd language also to the servant and trader people with whom a rapport was desireable Just as the Parrot Teach yourself Swahili was the text for passing the Govt Standard oral Swahili exam needed for incremental approval in pre independance days,So, it is a first class tourist item of luggage to obtain and study in preparation for E African journeys. A dictionary of Swahili, that doesn t give the information to which class a noun belongs is simply useles It s like German or Spanish dictionary without gender As a student of Swahili, if I learn a new word from it I cannot use it correctly It matters little if there are any valuable features. My daughter is in Tanzania and learning Swahili, great book.