[books pdf] Swahili (Lonely Planet Phrasebook)Author Martin Benjamin – Bilb-weil.de

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6 thoughts on “Swahili (Lonely Planet Phrasebook)

  1. Mark Mark says:

    The reviews about this product suggested strongly it was worth trying for my stay in Tanzania this year It is small enough to slip into small bags or even a pocket and it seems well made although I immediately covered it in sticky backed plastic for even greater protection It is well structured with topics covering most areas The explanations of how the words and phrases are put together are clear and pronunciation guides helpful Very helpful also are the brief comments about life and customs to be aware of Very pleased I bought this book and recommend it, particularly at the price I paid via .

  2. Andrew McKay Andrew McKay says:

    Absolute rubbish Doesn t give you any idea of how what you are saying really translates A lot of the phrases will raise blank looks in Swahili speaking countries though some of the vocabulary will be useful I can t recommend this book to anyone that wants than a few simple words in Swahili Wilson s Simplified Swahili is a weightier text but really gives a good grounding in useful Swahili and provided me with the basis to advance to intermediate conversational level within a matter of weeks.

  3. Mrs J S Furminger Mrs J S Furminger says:

    I have been in Kenya recently and plan to return, so thought I could find out a bit about the language they speak.

  4. Mrs. T. M. Hart Mrs. T. M. Hart says:

    A great little book Fitted easily into the side pocket of a rucksack or handbag Vital poiltenesses inside front cover made for quick and easy reference Well set out with a wealth of info and detail that I wasn t in East africa long enough to get to grips with We enjoyed speaking a few simple words and phrases and received a lot of appreciative smiles from Africans at the effort we made to speak a little of their language All in all, I was very pleased that I took this little book along with me.

  5. Lawjay Lawjay says:

    Really good, easy helpful book to use for communicating getting about in Tanzania Kenya I would really recommend to anyone wanting to speak Swahili is going to a Swahili speaking country.

  6. Mary, Mary Eileen Mary, Mary Eileen says:

    I did start to study this book in order to use some of the phrases that it recommended Unfortunately my elder grandson whoalso came with us took a shine to it and I never saw it after he took it to read so I m not sure that it got as far as our holiday ashe came too..