[Free eBook] Ta Rimata Tis Neas Ellinikis. 4, 500 Rimata 235 Ypodeigmata Klisis - 4500 Modern Greek Verbs in GreekAuthor Anna Iordanidou – Bilb-weil.de

All in Greek, best physical reference for Modern Greek verbs that I know of, for a reasonable price Much similar material is on line if you devote a lot of time to finding and saving it, but real books are still handy The shipping was direct from Greece via DHL Here is the shipping info, very satisfied with this Greek book source PUBLIC ATHENS METRO MALL 276, VOULIAGMENIS AVE AGIOS DIMITRIOS AGIOS DIMITRIOS, 17343Some of the author s terms are a bit opaque, and the frontiers of literary, colloquial, etc., not always edifying thus, 4 stars vice five Which is not to say she is anything less than a great authority on Modern Greek This is an essential resource for the conjugation of greek verbs You may find comprehensive and expensive types of this book but once you have cracked the format this is all you need. A great book for checking your verbs It is suitable for someone who has studied Greek for a while and is comfortable with an all Greek text and with spelling It has a somewhat unusual principle for the presentation in that you first look up the verb in one table where you get a reference to the complete set up of verb forms in another part of the book In this section the verbs are grouped into classes if they are built up in the same way, so you might be looking at another similar verb. I learned Modern Greek on my own, and I find that this book of various verb schema and declension types is perfect for a logico mathematical language learner like myself I would pair it with the Modern Greek Grammar essential or comprehensive from Routledge. This is an extremely helpful book when trying to learn the language.It has both a dictionary and verb section. Love it For Greek speakers no translations. Highly recommended for students of Greek at any level, whether studying in a class or on your own like me I have found every verb I needed in this book Well organized, thorough and easy to use Written entirely in Greek using the Greek alphabet.I purchased this several years ago at a grocery store in Greece and have found it to be indispensable The first section is a 100 page index of virtually all Greek verbs, along with the past perfect, e.g., volodervo, volodira sorry, s Review doesn t accept Greek characters and a reference to the page showing all conjugations for the verb I m reading my first Greek novel and appreciate being able to skim this section, looking at the past participles, to identify the verb in the present tense so I can look it up in my dictionary.The next section is appx 235 pages, with each page devoted to the conjugation of 1 verb 1 voice All persons in all tenses in both the active and passive voices indicative, subjunctive, imperative, the participles Verbs listed in the index that match all the conjugations will reference this verb e.g., agorazo is conjgation 35 the index will reference 35 for the verbs agorazo, agnoniazo, adiazo, etc Separate pages for Active and Passive voices e.g., agorazo, agorazomai.The last section is appx 50 pages of notes about certain verbs. Text Greek Ce livre est absolument indispensable pour apprendre le grec La richesse de la langue grecque et de ses verbes rend illusoire l espoir de les apprendre autrement qu avec ce livre Certes la m thode assimil offre d ja de nombreux verbes utiliser au quotidien mais rien voir avec la richesse de celui ci La pr sentation est agr able, la lecture facile, trouver un verbe est ais , bref vous ne pourrez plus vous en passer Dommage que rien de ce type n existe sur smartphone pour les voyages dans ce si beau pays.Donc je le redis I N D I S P E N S A B L E et le petit plus le livre arrive tr s bien emball d Ath nes alors le voyage est la devant vos yeux bon j arr te