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The Secret Footballer Is Back And This Time He S Not Alone

8 thoughts on “Tales from the Secret Footballer

  1. D Corbett D Corbett says:

    I followed the original articles in the Guardian and was capitivated, trying to identify clues as to who the secret footballer was, was intriguing I found the articles illuminating and original and very different from the sort of bland analysis of football that one gets on tv and in the press When the articles were published as a book, I very much enjoyed it as well The Tales from the Secret Footballer I didn t like so much It was as if the success of the first book had gone to his head and I am not so interested in his tales of footballer lavish lifestyle excess which appear in this follow up And then I heard the rumours about who the secret footballer really was and was very disappointed He always gave the impression in the articles and books that he was a good player and now I find out he isn t..

  2. Jools Jools says:

    Meh Marginally interesting I suppose but certainly not something I could read in one go of a book that you keep in the toilet and dip into now and again Probably should have left it at newspaper articles rather than a whole book of fairly similar tales, some of which are a little hard to believe Maybe if the author had named names it might have got a bit interesting, but then he wouldn t be the Secret Footballer I suppose.

  3. 14th-century.se Customer 14th-century.se Customer says:

    I ve read quite a few of the columns and I enjoyed the first part of the book but I found it wearing after a while I think the sections about football rather than lifestyle are interesting Haven t manage to finish it yet perhaps on my next holiday

  4. rs chouhan rs chouhan says:

    Very informative book,showing the footballers mindset.

  5. moiragallaga moiragallaga says:

    A very revealing insight into the world of top class professional football Only shows that there are always many facets in any endeavor or issue While the Secret Footballer provides a number of entertaining anecdotes to aspects of a professional footballer s life that conforms and validates our common views and perceptions of these individuals, he also provides a side of professional football the public rarely hears about It s difficult to imagine how people who have successfully reached the pinnacle of their professional career still struggle with depression, the success and adulation, and the prospects of facing life after their playing career is over.

  6. stephen griffin stephen griffin says:

    Author details of his experiences playing for teams in the Premier League.More interesting than Sky Football annuals and other commercialised self glorification produced by football clubs and the ghost writers of PR conscious players.Helps your kids develop a healthy cynicism for heroes and the commercial machine.

  7. Jamie & Lesley Jamie & Lesley says:

    Excellent read.

  8. James James says:

    Whilst the Milan anecdote will live long in the memory, the later half of the book tackles TSF s battle with depression which provides a deeper, darker insight to the game.Although theories run abound with the extra, generalised details of TSF s ongoing playing career, the mystery from the first book remains.