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Skate Into The Rink With The Best In Toronto Hockey Newly Updated The Glory Years For The Toronto Maple Leafs Four Stanley Cups In The S May Be Distant Memories, But What The Team Lacks In Recent Accomplishments Is Made Up For By Their History, Which Is Rich In Drama, Pathos, And, Most Of All, Humor Figures Connected To The Maple Leafs From The S To The Present Offer Their Best Stories, Including Some New Takes On The Team S Legends Players, Coaches, Broadcasters, And Team Executives Come Together To Share A Long List Of Funny Anecdotes About Their Time With The Leafs Bobby Baun Recalls The Unprecedented Moment In The Stanley Cup Finals When He Slammed A Game Winning Goal Into The Net While Skating On A Broken Leg Bob Haggert, A Former Leafs Trainer, Shares His Memories Of Conn Smythe, The Unyielding Military Man Who Founded The Team Also Telling Tales Is Jim McKenny, Defenseman Turned Forward Turned Broadcaster, Whose Sense Of Humor Is As Deft As His Skating Joe Bowen, Long The Voice Of The Maple Leafs On Radio And Television, Is Along For The Ride, As Are Bob McGill, Glenn Healy, Walter Gretzky, And So Many

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    Product damaged

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    Bought as a Christmas present for a Maple Leaf fan Lots of interesting little tales in there Am sure he will like it.

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    I guess I ve learned if someone is a good sportswriter for a newspaper that doesn t make them a good author I could have written this book Passages jump forward and back causing the reader to wonder if the author was awake when he was writing this Book really could have used a professional proof reader I d recommend it to any leaf fan of old because there aren t enough books dealing with such a subject manner If there was one that existed it would have to be better than this Anecdotes are far too sterilized at times too.

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    was a present for my father, he really loves it and was satisfied with the gift.



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    There have been many tales to spring up regarding the Toronto Maple Leafs in the nearly 100 years since they were founded Tales From the Toronto Maple Leafs Locker Room , David Shoalts entry into the Tales From series of sports books, takes a different approach from most other books in the series he assumes that you ve already heard all the biggies He doesn t leave them out of the book we still hear about Conn Smythe s bet on Rare Jewel, about Punch Imlach s gall bladder, etc but he gives them just a quick passing nod while telling stories that you are less likely to have heard or re heard and re heard over the years.One way that Mr Shoalts accomplishes this task is by turning over sections of the book to some of the personalities that have been involved with the Leafs, and letting THEM reminisce about their favorite stories Jim McKenny, who played in the Leafs Junior system before the days of the NHL Draft, moved between the NHL club and the minors mostly the latter during the First Reign of Imlach, until finally sticking with the big club once Imlach was fired, tells of the people he met over the years People is a key word in this book the author and the individuals that he interviews all know that many of the most interesting stories do NOT involve players Broadcasters Joe Bowen and former goaltender Glenn Healy also get their turn to look back, as do the Stellick brothers and others.All in all, this collection is one of the best in the series And, unlike an early book in this series on another NHL team no names, but it was Boston , great care is taken on editing and formatting.RATING 4 stars,.

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    Take a look at the cover of this book Note the Stanley Cup surrounded by a bunch of happy members of the Toronto Maple Leafs.Your first reaction might be, This is a really old picture Indeed The Leafs haven t won the Stanley Cup since 1967 It s been quite a stretch then, and David Shoalts has captured many of the laughs and the stories of the team s history in Tales from the Toronto Maple Leafs Here Shoalts finds some people with long connections to the Maple Leafs, turns on the tape recorder, and lets them tell stories The list starts with Bob Haggert, a trainer with a relationship with the team that started than 50 years ago.From there we hear from defenseman Jim McKenny, front office worker Bob Stellick, announcers Joe Bowen and Bill Watters, and players Bob McGill and Glenn Healy The first chapter is devoted to stories from a variety of sources of Shoalts It includes an uncensored postgame speech from former coach John Brophy that hasn t seen print before Indeed, some of these stories are definitely for the adult fans in the household.Sure there are laughs and insightful anecdotes told here But there s something of an underlying theme here at times The Leafs haven t been too good for the most part in those last 45 years, and usually there are reasons for that level of corporate competence Some of the ownership stories here are the most telling.The book checks in at 168 pages, so you can plow through it in no time Practically any hockey fan would enjoy picking up Tales from the Toronto Maple Leafs However, as you d expect, Leafs fans will really love it.