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A good cookbook is a priceless addition for food connoisseurs This one of a kind cookbook consists of recipes rich in Russian culture and tales of old Russian folklore Each page features a unique recipe, along with a folklore tale The whole family can enjoy the taste with the tale Beef Stroganoff and Chicken Kiev will take the reader back to the glamour and decadence of Czarist Russia I chose the recipes that have been passed on from my grandmother to my mother, who continues to share them with me Most of these recipes had never been written down on paper, but rather are cooked from memory Each and every one brings back the aroma and unique taste from my days growing up in the former Soviet Union to today, when I still enjoy treating my family

10 thoughts on “Tastes and Tales from Russia

  1. Jake Danishevsky Jake Danishevsky says:

    I love this book Alla made an impact on the entire cook book community with this 3 in one masterpiece of a cook book, fairy tales and some Russian Art It is absolutely fantastic.

  2. Lynda Lynda says:

    Excellent read

  3. Redsteve Redsteve says:

    Meh Not terrible, but the recipes are pretty basic and a number of the folktales seem to have been abridgedlike synopses of the stories rather than complete versions.