Download pdf Teach Yourself Afrikaans Book/CD Pack (Teach Yourself Complete Courses)Author Lydia McDermott –

Very easy to use and to learn the basics This is a very reader friendly book which goes through the vocabulary and grammar so that one does steadily get familiar and at ease with afrikaans My personal opinion is that there is no need whatsoever to buy the full book cd pack since there are amaizing online resources for learning afrikaans pronounciation crucial , with sound clips.I do not point out the book as being a 5 star one because some words and expressions in some of the dialogues in the book are not translated and it is sometimes dismaying. I bought this product hoping I d be able to use the CD in the car on the way to from work to supplement using the book, but they are designed to be used in conjunction with each other so it hasn t really worked for me but they might work for others who plan to use them together The book frustratingly doesn t give a translation of everything some things you have to deduce yourself, which might help you remember it but is also open to error if you deduce the wrong thing I have used TY products on three different occassions and each time they have been outstanding so it won t be surprising that I was once again impressed with this one I would recommend getting the whole pack as the CDs are very helpfull with the pronounciation and I found having the complimenting audio bought the book to life Ofcause nothing is as good as having real live biltong vreters to verbally attack while one is first learning but this is the next best thing. This is a complete course in reading and writing, speaking and understanding Afrikaans It uses a book CD combination and will be perfect for you if you are a complete beginner or if you have some knowledge of the language which you need to brush up.The book is very communication centred and the emphasis throughout is on speaking and being understood in everyday situations.The course has 17 units including 3 review units , all based on the kind of language you will need on a visit to South Africa New language and grammar is presented through dialogues and there is plenty of opportunity for you to practise and check your understanding as you go along The culture notes will ensure that you get the most out of any business trip or holiday and the English Afrikaans and Afrikaans English vocabularies will be invaluable, both as you work through the course and on any trip you take.This is a completely new book, writtten by a leading South African language teaching expert, and incorporates the very latest theory and practice.The accompanying double CD provides listening material The CDs 0 340 87119 9 and book 0 340 87117 2 can also be purchased separately. This product is really good It s helped me with the grammar and the basic understanding of Afrikaans The CD is helpful when there is no other Afrikaans speaker to attain the language I recommend it.