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Romanian, because of its Latin origin and the fact that it has borrowed words from other Romance languages, will be recognisable to anyone who knows French or Italian This course introduces both colloquial and written forms of Romanian The emphasis is on learning to use Romanian in a variety of situations No knowledge of grammatical terminology is assumed but traditional grammatical terms are included for those who are familiar with them Most of the , words introduced in the course are those frequently used in everyday conversation, and many of the vocabulary items are listed in the Romanian English and English Romanian vocabularies at the end of the book Thecarefully graded units of dialogues, culture notes, grammar and exercises give you all you need to be able to cope with a whole range of situations and participate fully and confidently in all aspects of Romanian life The page design has been improved and sections headings are given in English to make it easier for you to learn Romanian without a teacher The accompanying recording cassette or CD has been recorded by native speakers and givesminutes of listening practice The recording is available separately or in a pack with the book

9 thoughts on “Teach Yourself Romanian New Edition (Teach Yourself Complete Courses)

  1. Calypso Calypso says:

    I bought this course because it looked as if it would give me a good background to Romanian language The most irritating thing about it is that it seems to jump around from one subject to another and really doesn t flow well.However the main concern for me is that you don t get a chance to hear the words a second time and also the fact that the person speaking has quite a strong accent when speaking English that I found them hard to understand It would have been nice if they had updated the text when they converted it to a DVD instead of suggesting that you stop the tape now etc.

  2. floyd floyd says:

    This is quite simply the worst attempt at language tuition that I have ever encountered A patronising, James Mason sound alike suggest that, to improve one s pronunciation, you should ask a native speaker to correct you Really If I had a native speaker to hand, I wouldn t need your stupid language pack, would I The vocab is presented poorly without time for repetition and the dialogue is too fast, allowing for neither practice nor interpretation A pathetic attempt They should be ashamed.

  3. AssignableWorkUnit552 AssignableWorkUnit552 says:

    Chapter 1 repeat simple sentence too simpleChapter 2 repeat simple sentences still very simpleChapter 3 loads of grammar with pronunciation and very complicated sentences.upon the frequent suggestion of the author, I discussed practiced with Romanian friends native speakers they looked at the sentences I was learning and suggested I might want to find an easier book.Not terrible, but not that great either.

  4. David Richards David Richards says:

    Our Daughter in Law is Romanian and recommended this to our son to help him learn her language We also wanted to learn so it was obvious to go for this product.The book is good and is aimed at getting you speaking the language and not just understanding grammar However, it is not just a phrase book and will give a reasonable grounding in the language It is worth getting the pack because you get to hear native speakers on the CD and this helps pronunciation.You don t have to have any knowledge of Romanian to start with.

  5. C. FOX C. FOX says:

    The highlights include Quite a lot of coverageVerb and dictionary sectionsLowlights You will need to supplement with other media to learn the language properly Most useful of these are A Romanian personEnglish films with Romanian subtitlesRomanian magazines

  6. Cpps Med Imob Tidey Cpps Med Imob Tidey says:

    The teach yourself series are normally very good and this is no exception Put the CD in your car or walkman and repeat the chapters, then move on with the book Repetition is the key.Also, although the grammar is well introduced, you need to have extra textbook exercises to do as such a small book is obviously limited.A very good start and foundation in the language.

  7. Nicholas Saunders Nicholas Saunders says:

    I have had this book and cd for a few months now and it is extremely useful Using the cd and the exercises you will pick up alot very quickly, there is a great section of verbs in the back and also a fairly detailed ENG RO dictionary.Its a fantastict price as well Another great buy is the Berlitz Romanian Phrasebook and Dictionary, much cheaper and better if you only need to learn key phrases and less grammar.

  8. jonquil jonquil says:

    I m getting to know some Romanians This product is very useful has been a worthwhile investment

  9. Tom Trueman Tom Trueman says:

    With each edition, this series keeps being reformatted on the page, and sometimes it s an improvement, and sometimes it s not I bought this edition second hand, because the layout is much clearer In the latest edition, someone thought it was a good idea to place the conversations against a grey background, which just makes them harder to read.