Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow –

With a lot of references to existing research and case studies, Manuel Pais and Matthew Skelton lay out their framework for improving teamwork in the digital age This book is insightful and can really help managers and leaders but also team leads to lead their organizations of all sizes to greater successes It also helps identify potential problematic approaches and how to solve them. A great book for guidance, not prescriptive, but rather shows paths so you can decide what s best for your company It was everything I hoped it would be This book gives very practical, easy to understand guidance on how to structure teams especially technology teams to incorporate the best of Agile,DevOps,etc with minimal use of buzzwords Highly recommend this book for anyone struggling to find the right team structure for fast flow. Clear and concise guidance on organizing teams for maximizing flow of value Draws on other great works such as Accelerate, DevOps community etc. Effective Software Teams Are Essential For Any Organization To Deliver Value Continuously And Sustainably But How Do You Build The Best Team Organization For Your Specific Goals, Culture, And Needs Team Topologies Is A Practical, Step By Step, Adaptive Model For Organizational Design And Team Interaction Based On Four Fundamental Team Types And Three Team Interaction Patterns It Is A Model That Treats Teams As The Fundamental Means Of Delivery, Where Team Structures And Communication Pathways Are Able To Evolve With Technological And Organizational Maturity In Team Topologies, IT Consultants Matthew Skelton And Manuel Pais Share Secrets Of Successful Team Patterns And Interactions To Help Listeners Choose And Evolve The Right Team Patterns For Their Organization, Making Sure To Keep The Software Healthy And Optimize Value Streams Team Topologies Is A Major Step Forward In Organizational Design For Software, Presenting A Well Defined Way For Teams To Interact And Interrelate That Helps Make The Resulting Software Architecture Clearer And Sustainable, Turning Inter Team Problems Into Valuable Signals For The Self Steering Organization PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying PDF Will Be Available In Your Audible Library Along With The Audio