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Learn How To Write Do you wish you could create and perform an inspiring presentation Are you fascinated by TED Talks Do you have great ideas, yet fail to communicate them effectively Are you ready to take your public speaking and presenting skills from good to great If you answered yes to any of the above then Ted Talk Mastery is a must readHere is A Preview Of What You ll Learn An introduction to the art of the TED TalkHow to prepare, open, and organize your talkHow to correctly construct the body of your talk this is often neglected How to end your talk on a high note, leaving the audience gasping for The delivery of your TED Talk, featuring proven tested advice Download your copy today Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of onlyTags TED Talk, public speaking, presentation, how to write a speech, own the room, how to present a speech, presentation skills

9 thoughts on “TED Talks: Mastery: How To Write & Deliver The Ultimate Public Speaking Presentation With Storytelling (Public Speaking, Confidence, Presentation Skills, ... Sales Techniques, Engage) (English Edition)

  1. Trevor H. Lund Trevor H. Lund says:

    This book is a researched copy and paste synopsis The author has done it to grow his email list I wouldn t recommend it in the least.

  2. GillyKS GillyKS says:


  3. Mon in L'Ville Mon in L'Ville says:

    I m using voice to text, so I may have as many typos in this review as the author does in the book Typos is too generous of a description that suggests accidental errors, not a faiIure to proofread or understand English grammar I am shocked that this book has any reviews above 2 stars Because he quotes Jeremey Donovan on every other page, I suggest you skip this one and get Donovan s book even if it s not specific to TED Talks I m reading this book out loud on a road trip and the driver and I are laughing hysterically at how poorly written it is.Update Okay, now having finished the book, I want to add that this author either did not proofread, or English is not his first language Here s just one example When it comes to your speeches, your verbal and nonverbal delivery matter a lot And than that, it would be a lot helpful if you know how to combine these two well It would be a lot helpful Who, in an effort to write well, uses a lot two sentences in a row, if ever It is apparent that this guy may have read one book and decided to hit the highlights Oh wait he does pull from an article in Psychology Today But he doesn t give the title of the article or its authors Makes you wonder if he actually read the article, or is just summarizing from Donovan again If he has only read that one book, then this work should be titled summary of and not presented as if he s giving his readers something original He s not a public speaking expert he s a self publishing amateur who seeks to publish e books on any topic his followers suggest think I m just being a hater Just read his profile It is hard to take a guy seriously who has also written on Tinder dating tips Ultimately, it was a waste for TED talk style speaking tips, but my listener and I decided it was worth it for the laughs It would also be a good workbook for grammar teachers to build some editing and proofreading skills in their students.

  4. AmericanProductReviewer AmericanProductReviewer says:

    Material from author s other title simply re arranged, and given a different title for each book In other words, pick one title, and only buy that book, as the others will pretty much contain the same material Book needed editing, as there were typos and grammatical errors throughout I found some of the advice helpful, but wish I had purchased one title by this author, and then decided if it was worth my money to purchase another.

  5. Kyle H Kyle H says:

    Great quick guide Focused on TED talks , so I thought it would be fun to read this book I was really surprised how well this was written If you have to deliver any kind of presentations or speeches, this is a book filled with lots of valuable advice to help your presentation go well.

  6. mystery-thriller-suspense.co Customer mystery-thriller-suspense.co Customer says:

    Looking to get better at your presentation skills This is the book you This is one of the skills that i lacked but since reading this book it has helped me understand and get better at this skill I highly recommend to everyone, one day in your life you will have to present something and this book has the knowledge to help you.

  7. Tom O'Stasik Tom O'Stasik says:

    This book was pretty insightful and informative I m considering getting into public speaking and will use this book as reference

  8. SD SD says:

    Do not purchase this book It is only 38 pages The author did not spell check.Many pages have unfinished sentences. should be ashamed to list this book on the site.

  9. JOE JAY JOE JAY says:

    Very practical and concise.