Audiobooks Thai-English English-Thai Dictionary for Non-Thai Speakers, Revised Edition (Dictionary) (English and Thai Edition) –

This practical dictionary is designed to help English speakers communicate in Thai It is equally useful for those who can read the Thai alphabet and those who can t Most Thai English dictionaries either use Thai script exclusively for the Thai entries making them difficult for westerners to use or use only phonetic transliteration making it impossible to look up a word in Thai script This dictionary solves these problems by dividing the entries into three sections Section One English Phonetic Thai , Section Two Phonetic Thai English and Section Three Thai Phonetic English The transliteration system is the same as that used in Paiboon Publishing s other books You will find most of the vocabulary you are likely to need in everyday life, including basic medical, cultural, political and scientific terms PHere are some of the features P Consistent and accurate phonetic transcription of Thai sounds for those unable to read the Thai alphabetBR A comprehensive guide to pronunciationBR Thai script for those who read ThaiBR All entries organized in three easy to use sectionsBR Thai alphabet guide showing different styles of Thai script to help you read shop signs and newspaper headlines PIt s the ONE Dictionary You Can Really Use