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Thai for Beginners teaches all four language skills speaking, listening, reading and writing It is effective for independent self study or classroom use and offers clear, easy, step by step instructions, building on what has been previously learned Thai for Beginners is written in a brisk, interesting style by a native Thai speaker fluent in English and experienced in teaching the Thai language 2 audio CDs ISBN 9781887521314 are available separately for this course.

8 thoughts on “Thai for Beginners. 2 audio CDs only

  1. Anxius Anxius says:

    I ve worked through this book twice and found it very helpful I find Thai extremely difficult to learn, and there are lots of books out there that don t drive you hard enough to make the lessons stick This book doesn t cut corners There is lots of repetition, which is essential for learning, and there are plenty of exercises.There are a few errors that mean this book could do with a good copyeditor a Thai one, not me , but they are not serious enough to detract from your education Another problem is that each Thai sentence in the exercises is immediately followed by its Romanised version, so it is difficult to study the Thai text without accidentally seeing the Romanised text.Minor issues aside, I will look out for books by this author.

  2. Felixcat Felixcat says:

    During the 1980s I bought a Linguaphone Thai course, it was okay, if a little limited This Beginner s Thai course has a lot , the audio is good and the voices are authentic I recommend it.

  3. Orangutan Orangutan says:

    I ve had to learn a couple of languages before, and i ve found this book to be one of best for a beginner s guide It starts off from scratch but moves quite quickly covering vocabulary, basic grammar and the writing system By the end of the book you can read Thai and have a vocab of about 1000 words pretty accelerated for a beginner s book And I would definitely recommend buying the accompanying CD unless you have a Thai friend to practise pronunciation on

  4. Mr M Colella Mr M Colella says:

    Firstly, I d like to emphasize the importance of using numerous sources for learning a new language and with this in mind, I have found Thai for beginners to make a very useful contribution to my learning regime The book is very easy to read and understand and offers a good balance of reading, writing, learning and testing It also maintains an interest level that leaves me looking forward to learning some I think the author is keen to offer the learner material that is genuinely beneficial and not, like some publications, just looking for a quick dollar I would recommend this book and look forward to reaching a standard whereby I can continue to the next book in the series.

  5. Bewsey Bewsey says:

    I will need to get a Thai person to help me.

  6. James Patrick James Patrick says:

    Simply the best language book Used it through language Thai language school, but left my first copy on plane so had to repurchase This and the intermediate version is all you ll require to speak Thai well.

  7. Benjamin Lee Benjamin Lee says:

    Another mechanic audio learning resource which is about as entertaining and engaging as picking paint from a wall Useful if you can get past that im struggling thus far.Learning a language should be fun This is uninspiring.

  8. Charles F. Charles F. says:

    This order was my mistake We thought it was Thai exercises but was actually language leaning.Since we are close to our 80s we thought it was not something we wanted to spend time learning.RegardsCharles