books Thai Phrase Book (Eyewitness Travel Guides Phrase Books) By DK –

Quick, easy to use and a perfect size to fit in your pocket Organized by subjects such as everyday phrases, hotels, and travelling around Uses a simple system of imitated pronunciation

9 thoughts on “Thai Phrase Book (Eyewitness Travel Guides Phrase Books)

  1. Louis Louis says:

    This small and helpful book will help out and boost your confidence with phrases in a variety of situations Some of the categories listed are Days, months, seasons, numbers, time, hotels, driving, transport, restaurants, shopping, post offices, banks, communications and health it also contains a menu guide and a dictionary Very useful.

  2. JT JT says:


  3. Lesley Lesley says:

    Book was bit dog eared But still did the job.

  4. Customer Customer says:

    worth buying

  5. Sarah Keighley - Copeland Sarah Keighley - Copeland says:

    Very useful book, however when quickly searching for a word it would be hard to find because none of the sections chapters are colour coded, which would be handySize is ideal for pockets and small bags when travelling

  6. merry-terry merry-terry says:

    If you know a little Thai then this book is very helpful, if not you will struggle to be understood..

  7. Ray Ray says:

    Great book

  8. Hannah Hannah says:

    Very helpful and arrived in good condition

  9. ubon nelson ubon nelson says:

    Because it is simple and easy to understand for the beginner And small enough to carry it with you everywhere.