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Thorougly revised, second edition of one of the most successful theatre books ever published by NHB a definitive guide to acting The Actor and the Target offers a fresh and radical approach to acting by a world famous director Now republished in an extensively revised new edition, it has sold almost , copies in the home market alone since first publication in October

15 thoughts on “Donnellan, D: Actor and the Target

  1. John John says:

    Looking at the other reviews I was really looking forward to reading this By now I have read quite a few books on the method of acting and was open to everything this one could teach me, but I found it simply confusing, convoluted, and some what pretentious.According to Declan Donnellan, the target is the objective of the character in that specific moment, or something that the character places all of their focus and energy towards but the catch is that if you think about the target then you have failed, as apparently you can t be truly focused on the target as a specific thing, but he also claims that the target is something that is ever changing and is never static, thus your focus must constantly be moving with it, yet you can t know where the target is moving, because if you did then you would lose focus, and thus according to Declan, lose sight of the target all together Confused Me too.His acting method plays a complete Catch 22 on itself To be a good actor you must apparently focus on the target, but the target is ever changing and moving so if you ever identify the target, it means you have ultimately lost sight of the target What a load of convoluted rubbish.I put this book down half way through Stick to Michael Chekhov if you are looking for inspiration and an actually worthy method of acting.

  2. Ben Smith Ben Smith says:

    It s quite a wordy book explaining the technique of allowing yourself to be affected by the target Nevertheless, it is an important read if you re willing to get serious about acting The most important lesson I took from this is that everything in your acting is affected by the target and what you observe from it.

  3. Ema Ema says:

    What a great book Very intellectually stimulating and inspiring It takes a philosophical approach throughout but it is written so simply and it is therefore easy to understand and follow I love this approach to acting and the way it is explored.

  4. doriangrey doriangrey says:

    My favourite directing book Basic analysis of what is happening when actors panic, and gives a lot of help on how to un block them.

  5. Lese B Lese B says:

    I love this book So practical and a good read.

  6. LarsDK LarsDK says:

    I aquired it as a director wanting to understand of the acting process and I loved it.It s beautifully written, clear, dense and full of deeps insights about drama and acting.I found myself underlining half the book for quotes worth remembering.

  7. Annie Annie says:

    My bible really improved my acting skills

  8. RslpUK RslpUK says:

    Very happy with this product, would recommend to others The best book I ve ever read explains how actors brains need to stay focused.

  9. Glenn Glenn says:

    I bought this for my daughter who is studying drama and she said it is a very helpful book and gives her further knowledge in this area.

  10. mystery-thriller-suspense.co Customer mystery-thriller-suspense.co Customer says:

    Great book

  11. Philip Tong Philip Tong says:

    A tough read but reinvented my approach to directing.

  12. Dejan Kostic Dejan Kostic says:

    Gift for someone else They loved it

  13. Ksenia Ksenia says:


  14. Dylan Murphy Dylan Murphy says:

    I like this book, the only thing is that it is very repeditive using romeo juliet as a metaphor but still worth reading


    best book ive read in ages