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Cuts Open Every Generalisation About Acting And Draws Out Gleamingly Fresh Specifics Peter Brook Explains Donnellan S Highly Practical System And Sheds Unique Light On One Of The Greatest Directors Of Acting In Our Time Le Monde Hugely Practical And Never Gets Lost In Theory El Pais A Gripping Read, As Acute About The Psychology Of Lying As It Is About The Art Of Acting Guardian Comes From The Heart Of His Own Experience Actors Blocks Are Dismembered Lethally And With Infectious Relish Alan Rickman Brilliantly Direct Exhilarating To Read And Importantly To Put Into Practice Joseph FiennesA Fresh And Radical Approach To Acting By A World Famous Director This New Advice To The Players Cuts Open Every Generalisation About Acting And Draws Out Gleamingly Fresh Specifics Behind The Joy And Humour Of The Writing, Declan Donnellan Is Subtly Leading Young Actors To An Awareness Of The Living Processes Behind Their Work He Brings As Evidence The Rich Field Of Thought And Intuition That Direct Experience Has Made His Own Peter Brook

5 thoughts on “The Actor and the Target (English Edition)

  1. TR650 TR650 says:

    This book is different If you are a young actor struggling with understanding playing action, sense memory, substitutions, or if none of these things are part of your process, then don t buy this book YET Instead look into Uta Hagen s book, Respect for Acting, or perhaps even Robert Cohen s book, Acting One.This book assumes that the reader has been trained in modern acting theory, that the actor reading it has understanding of how to play and build a character, and yet still struggles as we all do with forms of block The author often uses the phrases teachings of other acting teachers to point out that it is in fact the framing of some of these tools that leads to block Not that the other theorist s ideas are incorrect, but rather that each actor needs to frame his her process differently, and that the target dictates of the game than we often think Little of this is plainly stated in the book, much of it is implied, and if the reader hasn t the breadth of experience much of the potential firepower in this text may be missed Each time you read it you will see another layer.It s a fantastic book for any actor trying to re evaluate, or sharpen his her process It is loaded with truth.

  2. Mark S. Mandell Mark S. Mandell says:

    As an actor, if you take the trouble to really assimilate what this author explains, you ll find it s not just obvious but a most invaluable source and thus unquestionably one of the clearest, most ingenious means of finding yourself amidst the occasional confusing acting scenes that could have you feeling you re lost THAT in and of itself qualifies it as a brilliant road map for getting you back on track so you don t stay mired in not knowing how to proceed with whatever text you re struggling with So glad my current acting teacher recommended it but then his own technique could very well be influenced by it However, I would add that for as insightful and practical as the book is, the occasional digressive musings of the author can make the material dense and a little bit incomprehensible but despite all that do not at all detract from the book s overall greatness.Something in the book particularly resonated When he stated the uselessness of the actor attempting to answer the classic Who am I question I thought immediately of Daniel Day Lewis who operates in that very manner which at least in part accounts for his being the great actor he is.

  3. Carolina Diva Carolina Diva says:

    This technique in this book is very similar to David Mamet s non technique The joy of both is how freeing they are onstage, the text of the play becomes like the net below you and the words and your fellow actors are all together in a high flying trapeze game It works even if you don t have any text in an improv situation for instance It s hard to describe, actually, but it makes what could be a dead process come alive every night and can scare the hell out of everyone around you if they don t understand what is going on A lot of actors like the old way hit your marks, say the word, cock the eyebrow, turn here, pausecurtain But if you use this technique, and play for the life or death stakes that Donnellan and Mamet espouse, well, you ll never be the same again I highly recommend this book, it is easy to read and understand, but it deals with a highly sophisticated concept that, properly applied, will propel the actor right up off the high bar.

  4. Stephen L. Broker Stephen L. Broker says:

    Use whatever works and throw the rest away , as they say Unfortunately, I found this to be a very convoluted theory of the actor s craft overly dense and hard to decipher But if it works

  5. R. Racoon R. Racoon says:

    Of course I am not a high profile actor It is my craft though and I seek as many avenues of improvement as warranted The Actor and the Target is like a jewel in the sea of stage craft books It is as stated by others not a book for the casual actor or many professional actors I have sat in contemplation on many of the threads of exploration.If follows the narrative and practices of traditional methods of acting then turns it on edge to reveal a process of thinking that is new and practical, if you can step aside and improve your craft.