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In The ADDed Dimension, Kate Kelly, Peggy Ramundo, and D Steven Ledingham offer insightwith wise, clear eyes and welldeveloped senses of humorinto every facet of the ADD experience, from issues of work, parenting, and relationships to those of organizational skills and stress ADDers know enough about the disadvantages of ADD, and this is much than just a guide to solving problems At its heart, its aim is selfrealization, the feeling of standing, feet firmly planted, on the common ground all ADDers walk Along the way, it celebrates the good news about ADD: the fact that different doesn't mean worse, and often might mean better, especially when energy, creativity, and humor are concerned What to do after you or your loved one has come to terms with ADD, but need help at times in keeping perspective, in relating the disorder to everyday life issues and experiences? Now, with The ADDed Dimension, there's a single book that can help

10 thoughts on “The ADDED DIMENSION: Everyday Advice for Adults with ADD

  1. Kate Kate says:

    Authors Kate Kelly, Peggy Ramundo, and Steven Ledingham are sensitive, insightful, caring, and 'diagnosable' people with an extraordinary compassion and understanding for the special skills, insights, and challenges of adults with ADD. And so it is only natural that they would write a book that answers the perpetual battle cry of the self-aware ADD adult 'What's next?' What's next, of course, is celebration and self-realization. The ADDed Dimension is a celebration of life, the human condition, and all those odd quirks that cause ADD people to instantly recognize one another, even in a crowd, and know that we're all members of the same tribe. And in that recognition is p0owerful self-realization. If this book affects you as it did me, you'll giggle and smile and cry and laugh out loud. Over and over again, it took me back through my life into lessons learned, pain s survived, and joys relived. Celebration and self-realization: In this book they are the essence of healing and living. They are the essence of survival and growth. They are the essence of spiritual awakening and regeneration. They are the essence of Kate, Peggy, and Steven, come to think of it. Enjoy.
    ~~back cover

    I've read several books on ADD now, always searching for better understanding of the condition, and ways to cope with it. For me, this book was too vague about ADD, and not very useful for learning how to cope with it. Perhaps because I wasn't diagnosed until I was in my 60s, I am less interested in homilies about regenerating my creativity or about learning to let my child out to play -- I'm more interested in learning how to cope with the consequences of a life sullied by ADD and its comorbities.

  2. Elisabeth Elisabeth says:

    It only took me a few months to finish this tiny book, but I finally understand what ADD is and it seems to run in my family. It's so commonly combined with hyperactivity (which does not run in my family). Basically, from what I have read, it's just that ADDer's brains work differntly than non-ADDers. We have a difficult time concentrating on things that don't interest us, but can be easily absorbed by challenging, interesting things. We are daydreamers, which can be a good thing. Unfortunately, since the Victorian era, our culture rewards the drudges as I call them. They are the ones who don't think outside the box and follow all of our (current) societies rules. Most, not all, people in our society who have followed the rules have been rewarded with material gains. A very small number of the ADDers who've become successful in the Arts have also been rewarded. This book has made me accept who I am and to no longer question the choices I've made. I'm happy with myself and my life and am thrilled to join the ranks of the others who've marched to the beat of a different drummer! We might see some changes in the century. I look forward to finding out!

  3. Cathryn Dolly Cathryn Dolly says:

    This is another book i still read because this is more of the common themes that add people face everyday with various issues. (Another book i read is Add and Creativity by Lynn Weiss) The reson i got this book is because i like to read on disabity topics and i know a friend who has ADD and i forget sometimes she has it because she acts normals sometimes LOL. From Reading this hoo boy what a eyeopener to many things they struggles from time to time.
    I would recommend those who knows someone or the person has ADD to read this book because the authors shows many postive and humourous techinquinces to their ADD.

  4. Pamela Pamela says:

    This was well written, with small chapters, and I was able to skip around to what was interesting at the moment without losing my place, since it was broken up so well.
    Excellent read, not all of the advice is applicable, but some of it was helpful.

  5. Crazy Uncle Ryan Crazy Uncle Ryan says:

    I found this book to have very helpful and practical advice.

  6. D Steven Ledingham D Steven Ledingham says:

    Interesting take with a touch of humor about the daily lives of people who think different or have AD/HD and learning differences

  7. April April says:

    Great! lots of great help in there and ideas