download Prime The Arena Riggers' HandbookAuthor Delbert L Hall –

Great for introduction to arena rigging and expanding your knowledge The physical size of the book is bigger than o thought ideas going to be. Whether You Are A Student Technician Or A Union Rigger, The Arena Riggers Handbook Is A Must Have Book For Your Library Written By Experienced And Certified Riggers, This Book Clearly Describes All Aspects Of Arena Rigging, Including Hardware, Rigging Techniques, Electricity, Rigging Math, Safety And It Even Includes An Arena Rigging Quiz To Help You Access Your Preparedness For Taking An Arena Rigging Certification Exam This book explains just about everything you need to know to pass the ETCP test Succinct and clear Bad grammar and typos but you don t want it for literature studies, right As the title suggests, this is about setting up rigging for an arena Very little info about flying apparatus and people Great info on safety and breaking points of hardware Great resources provided for further study. Clear, concise explanations of methods and theory The best book I ve seen on entertainment rigging.