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I am a fairly avid cyclist but had to admit that I hadn t ever really heard much about Cadel Evans It is a very interesting inside look at professional bike racing He reveals the good and the bad about his career and about those who he came in contact with at various points in his career It is refreshing to see this from the point of view of someone who raced clean and did not get involved in the illegal performance enhancing drugs that have tainted the sport at times It is fairly in depth, but not difficult reading. I couldn t help but be impressed by Cadel Evans s single mindedness on wanting to become a cycling champion from such an early age His dedication to succeed against the odds was absolute However, at times in the book he appeared to be bogged down in detail that I assume is welcomed by the cycling enthusiast, but boring for the general reader This particularly applies to descriptions of other competitors within a road race that takes up to three weeks to complete His comments on doping are interesting, particularly as he competed against Lance Armstrong, but not as strong as I would have thought as it has muddied the reputation of the sport he loves But overall, as an Australian, I enjoyed the book but I am not so sure if readers from all nations would have the same enthusiasm. .doesn t come across as very self aware As his career progresses he starts blaming anyone and everyone bar himself for any poor performances Equipment shortcomings also get multiple mentions It s a shame as he s obviously a gifted athlete, but the constant finger pointing really took the shine off his story for me Cav s biographies are the same perhaps a couple of very large egos at work Cadel Evans story from his mountain biking days to winner of the Tour de France are mesmerizing I enjoyed this book. Cadel Evans has written a great book, whether you like cycling or not Plenty good insights for anyone enjoying a firsthand look into elite athletes lives.At times he sees things a bit too much from his own side and thus becomes a bit simplistic and superficial. Thoroughly enjoyed Cadels writing the book is very well written of his highs and lows in cycling.Well worth reading. The Autobiography Of A Cycling Legend That Will Become A Much Loved Classic The Much Anticipated Autobiography Of The Greatest Australian Cyclist Of All Time Famous In The Sport For His Meticulous Preparation And An Athlete Who Prided Himself On His Ability To Leave It All On The Road, Evans Writes About The Triumphs, The Frustrations, The Training, The Preparation, The Psychology Of The Sport, His Contemporaries, The Legends And His Enduring Love Of Cycling A Riveting And Forensic Account Of His Life On The Bike From His Beginnings As The Youngest Winner Of A World Cup In Mountain Biking To The Oldest Post War Winner Of The Tour De France One Of Only Four Cyclists In The World To Have Finished On The Podium Of All Three Grand Tours The Tour De France, Giro D Italia And Vuelta A Espana As Well As Winning The UCI Road World Championship, Cadel S Autobiography Is A Tribute To A Once In A Lifetime Sporting Talent This Book Will Put You On The Bike Alongside Cadel As He Recounts The Races And The Moments That Mattered As He Places In The Top In Six Tours De France And Becomes Australia S First, And Only, Tour De France Champion And First, And Only, Road World Champion Be There On The Road As He Claims The Points Jersey At The Giro D Italia And As He Wins Some Of The World S Greatest Races The Tour Of Austria Twice , The Tour De Romandie Twice , The Settimana Coppi E Bartali, Tirreno Adriatico, Fl Che Wallone, The Criterium International And The Giro Del Trentino