Pdf The Backstage Handbook: An Illustrated Almanac of Technical InformationAuthor Paul Carter – Bilb-weil.de

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5 thoughts on “The Backstage Handbook: An Illustrated Almanac of Technical Information

  1. Dylan B Dylan B says:

    Primary focus is on Theater Shop items, with a very minimal emphasis placed on sound and lighting.At best, the Lighting information is extremely outdated I cannot recommend this item for anyone other than Theater Carpenters or Riggers.

  2. Baltojeff Baltojeff says:

    Had the earlier version of this book in the early 90 s It was the standard then, it continues to be If you want to work back stage, or in a scene shop, electrical house or prop house, this is the bible.It covers just about everything including carpentry skills, lighting instruments, wood and metal standards, tool identification, painting ingredients, practical math calculations and formulas, and a host of other things you literally could use at any time working back stage in a theater if you know someone young that wants to get into it, this is a great gift Should be required reading for any theater tech.

  3. Jack E. Wilkinson Jack E. Wilkinson says:

    This book may have been a good reference volume at one point in time But as of now, parts of it are so far outdated that they are useless, especially the electrical section There are some things in the woodworking sections that are good Realize that when you purchase this, you re getting the 3rd edition, copyright 1994 Oh well, it ll look good on my theatre bookshelf.

  4. Who M.E.? Who M.E.? says:

    First off, I am not a professional in stagecraft industry However I occasionally work with stage technicians in conventions centers, theaters, etc I want to make sure I ask the right questions and understand what they are telling me I also want to reference the right thing device word for our needs.I saw this a theatre student have this book backstage at a local university, and went on a search for it, found it here on .This is one of those strange great reference books, that you find yourself picking up to just surf through It has been a fantastic help for me in communicating to industry professionals.Quick Update Just received another replacement order, I keep giving them away while looking up a washer thickness standard today, I noticed the books illustrator George Chiang s excellent sense of humor Well played sir, well played

  5. CoreyCoop CoreyCoop says:

    And every aspiring stagehand should get one It has a lot of good and useful informationThis one is to replace my old one I misplaced.Just looking through it quickly however, I found some, not so much errors, as omissions Yes it s an Edison Connector, but some areas people, locations, venues etc call them PBG Connectors Parallel Blade with Ground A bus bar Lug is also called a sister lug because certain brands anyway can be screwed together without a bus bar to extend a run of 4 0 That s just from one page, but my specialty, I guess you can t please everyone.Some small omissions, other than that, a good book to have around.