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Timed to coincide with the World Cup in Brazil and told in the style of a page turning thriller, this is the book that will blow the lid off international match fixing in football a pandemic that has struck at the heart of the beautiful game It began as a series of disparate reports coming in from the corners of the football world referees, players and managers were deliberately fixing results at the behest of illegal bettors But as the reports kept coming, bit by bit the scale of the problem began to emerge These weren t just footballing minnows but major teams and players, playing on the biggest possible stages The money at stake ran into the billions And the people pulling the strings were operating for some of the largest, most heinous criminal syndicates in the world In The Big Fix, Brett Forrest uncovers the scarcely believable scale of a threat to the beautiful game that is only just now coming to light Told in the style of a thriller, Forrest tracks down the criminals who occupy this murky world of billion dollar transactions, as well as the people tasked with hunting them and saving football s lifeblood Published on the eve of the World Cup, this shocking expose reveals a criminal enterprise that threatens to rot football to its core Ironically started reading just before the FIFA scandal. A VERY GOOD BOOK Excellent stuff Last few chapters especially.Must read for any Football fan. I found myself at Square Two after wading through the book s 280 pages There should probably be at least another two squares, maybe a half dozen to reach the end of the journey if, in fact, there is one One of the book s characters, the real good guy, alludes to what may be the author s conclusion that the problem will always be with us, that there is no end to match fixing If the whole idea may be to write a sequel which wraps up the criminal activity associated with the world s most popular sport, I will await other reviewers commentary before I buy it I was expecting a lot from this book.If you don t already have a good handle on betting, odds making and gambling terminology in general, this book is likely to leave you wondering what you just read and whether it was worth the time it took to read it Unfortunately, I fit both categories since I ve never been a gambler or associated with any If you already know a lot about basket weaving, I suggest you spend the hours you might have spent with this book reading about basket weaving.