[[ Free Reading ]] The Big Red Book of Spanish Vocabulary: 30,000 Words Including Cognates, Roots, And Suffixes (Big Book Of Verbs Series): 30,000 Words Through Cognates, Roots, and SuffixesAuthor Scott Thomas – Bilb-weil.de

Vocabulary forms the building blocks of language learning, and it is essential for learners to expand their vocabulary whether for active communication, or passive oral understanding or written comprehension However, most existing vocabulary books don t provide any assistance in actually learning and assimilating the words the student might as well just look words up in a dictionaryIn answer to this need, The Big Red Book of Spanish Vocabulary is a unique reference that provides students with a tremendous resource by combining three key, complementary approaches to vocabulary building Cognates the easiest way to build vocabulary by learning words in Spanish that are similar to the English meaning This section contains , cognates thematically arranged intothematic groups, which are further divided intotopics Root families another key way to expand vocabulary is to learn related word families that have the same root This section contains , terms grouped by , root categories The headwords the most commonly used word in the family are ordered alphabetically Suffixes than most languages, Spanish relies on suffixes to denote parts of speech and convey nuances of meaning This section containsof the most common Spanish suffixes, grouped alphabetically The meaning of each suffix is explained, and then exemplified by an illustrative list of words taking the suffix , words in all , their English equivalent, and the stem to which it is related These three sections are complimented by a Frequency Index that lists the , most frequently used words in Spanish The , most commonly used words are illustrated by example sentences that provide contextual usage This index is cross referenced to the Cognate, Root and Suffix sectionsIn addition, an Alphabetical Index cross references all the entries in the Root, Suffix and Frequency sections

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  1. Leslie Whalley Leslie Whalley says:

    It took me a while to discover how useful this book is.It is so easy to find by the Spanish equivilent with14,000 cognates Spanish words similar to English.Having them arranged by category makes it easy to pick theword that best suits what you want.The Spanish Suffixes section is a great help and shows youhow many words you already know Like the suffix ci n whichequates to words in English ending in tion.Action Acci nDirection Direcci nOption Opci nChange tion to ci n and pronounce it correctly and you havelots Spanish words without doing hardly anything.There are lots , like English word ending in ant becomeSpanish words by changing the ant to ante Abundant Abundante.The frquency table is very useful, 5,000 high fequency wordswith examples of their use I use this section secci n often.All in all a very handy reference book and so cheap.

  2. Elvy Elvy says:

    An excelent book to learn Spanish vocabulary

  3. Simón Yue Simón Yue says:

    Great and simple to use

  4. Paul Gardner Paul Gardner says:

    Un buen libro que ayuda a comprender las derivaciones del vocabulario Toma un tiempo para acostumbrarse a usar, pero una vez dominado es muy til.

  5. Aala Saravi Aala Saravi says:

    Excellent source book for learners and as a reference for advanced students

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    The book Grab it even if you are an advanced learner.