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Got what i expected One of my daughter s favorites Everything went great In The Birthday Party sixtyish batty Meg and husband Petey live in a past its prime British seaside resort and run a seedy boarding house which has only one guest, a strange loner named Stanley whom Meg has grown too fond of Two mysterious ill boding strangers, Goldberg and McCann, show up and decide to give Stanley a birthday party when it isn t even his birthday Lulu is a young neighbor who visits and regrets it A toy drum becomes a disquieting prop.Pinter, child of Beckett, sets up a bizarre situation All of the people are weird, kooky, save Petey, and their behavior becomes grotesque The party goes badly awry and gets into scary territory.This is early Pinter, not top drawer, in which he is groping his way toward the Pinteresque theater of the Absurd He toned down his antics in some of his later, better works like The Homecoming A Pinter play frequently presents 1 Round the bend, barely functional, often disreputable characters living on the fringes of society, some criminal types2 Commonplace, prosaic dialogue that is often funny, satiric, inane and Absurdist3 A sense of nameless terror and menace, pending violence, a mystery, the surreal, and the unexpected4 Often the motivation of some characters is unclear We see people who are barely able to make it Are they dumb, out of it, or puppets on a string Pinter keeps you interested by the plot Where is he leading me Why are these people doing these things Nothing seems earthshaking You step into his askew world and you re asking for trouble, and if you re adventurous, you are enjoying being toyed with Part of the charm of Pinter are his enigmatic plots They re fun because he s going to tease you, to make you wonder This is a clever play, funny, off beat and Absurdist, but not really much else He s showing off, proving that he can pull off a stunt, but does it take a master dramatist just to play games In this 1958 play one can see touches of Who s Afraid of Virginia Woolf Albee s 1962 classic Pinter was extremely influential. I read this in college and really enjoyed it, so it was nice to find it again. Es un libro que representa fielmente el g nero del teatro de lo absurdo El argumento es muy escaso e incluso surrealista, pero en la historia tambi n hay referencias a algunos hechos hist ricos manifestados en el miedo del protagonista Recomendado solo si has de estudiar o est s estudiando este g nero literario. Stanley Webber Is Visited In His Boarding House By Strangers, Goldberg And McCann An Innocent Seeming Birthday Party For Stanley Turns Into A Nightmare The Birthday Party Was First Performed In And Is Now A Modern Classic, Produced And Studied Throughout The World