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Creative Editions is proud to reissue this cleverly illustrated Mouse Book, which has charmed countless browsers over the years Watch as the pensive little rodent uncovers a seascape inThe Boat

4 thoughts on “The Boat

  1. Thomas A. Jewell-Vitale Thomas A. Jewell-Vitale says:

    Having read and enjoyed her 1st book about the mouse trapped in a book years ago to our kids this series is pallid by comparison The illustrations in the 1st book are fleshed out and robust These later ones are merely imitations of the mouse image without the supporting visual effects It seems like a cheap way to try to capitalize on original success I was embarrassed to send them away as a gift.

  2. Gerald B. Gerald B. says:

    One of the sweetest books for the preschool set Wordless The pictures tell all.

  3. Ann Nora Kruger Ann Nora Kruger says:

    Love this series So do my grandkids Even if a child can t read words, she he can read the story in pictures.

  4. Lisa Nabors Lisa Nabors says:

    love it, great condition, promptly shipped, thanks