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The Book Of Five Rings Is A Text On Kenjutsu And The Martial Arts In General, Written By The Japanese Swordsman Miyamoto Musashi Around There Have Been Various Translations Made Over The Years, And It Enjoys An Audience Considerably Broader Than Only That Of Martial Artists And People Across East Asia For Instance, Some Foreign Business Leaders Find Its Discussion Of Conflict And Taking The Advantage To Be Relevant To Their Work In A Business Context Musashi Establishes A No Nonsense Theme Throughout The Text For Instance, He Repeatedly Remarks That Technical Flourishes Are Excessive And Contrasts Worrying About Such Things With The Principle That All Technique Is Simply A Method Of Cutting Down One S Opponent He Also Continually Makes The Point That The Understandings Expressed In The Book Are Important For Combat On Any Scale, Whether A One On One Duel Or A Massive Battle

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  1. Thomas A Rider Thomas A Rider says:

    This book is often mentioned in the same breath as The Art of War But there is one big difference The Art of War is ultimately a book about solving problems, presented through the medium of war This is a book about killing people with swords, and admits that you can t really learn that from a book.In short what it teaches, you don t need in this day and age, and it isn t really transferable By all means, buy for historical interest, but that s the only interest to be found here.

  2. Dennis McGillivray Dennis McGillivray says:

    A must read for historical reference or for philosophy go to

  3. Geoff Geoff says:

    If you are into the martial arts, this book will interest you.Contains Musashi s philosophy on the martial way.Dont know if it can be related to be business tactics as some have tried, but great reading for a martial artist.Even tells you how to hold the sword and how to position your feet etc, he s the expert so take notice

  4. D_OM D_OM says:

    This is a truly amazing book whose pages contain pointers to the path of strategic wisdom Reading this and applying the wisdom is like standing on the shoulder of a giant An epic relic from an extraordinary life


    Another gift for a Scottish Samurai whocan apply the knowledge of one of the Greatest Samurai Miyamoto Musashito his business world

  6. Gengis Gengis says:

    SUPER Great book great service thank you

  7. Kate El Kate El says:

    Excellent condition of the book, a great read

  8. Persian Persian says:

    As a swordsman, I found this book an absolute gem Learned than I thought I would, and not just in swordsmanship, but I learned things that can be applied to real life situations as well, and believe myself to be a better man for having read this book.