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This was a really enjoyable read that I devoured in just 2 days.I have read a few books by Nick Alexander and have enjoyed them all so when I came across this one I was looking forward to reading it.This book is about family dynamics and how events from childhood can shape you for life It is about sisters Victoria and Penny When we first meet them it is Christmas Eve and they are young children The house is full of excitement and then Penny dozes off, when she wakes up the house feels different but she can t work out why as adults Victoria and Penny seem very different to each other and there is a lot of friction between them Victoria lives in London with her husband and son Bertie They have a comfortable life and enough money to have holidays, new kitchens, for Victoria to spend her days at home rather than working Penny lives by the seaside with her husband and two children Her husband is an artist who hasn t sold anything for years, Penny works in a difficult job as a psychologist and feels as though she does all the housework, brings in all the money and that it is all too much It must be so much easier to be Victoria but Victoria has her own issues and is struggling through them It isn t helped that their mother, Marge, seems to manipulate everything they say and twists their conversations round so it adds to the friction between the sisters even.This is a book that is definitely written by someone who understands the complexities of a sibling relationship How resentments and bitterness can be carried on and grudges held for a long time The delicate, fragile line between having a joke and a healthy debate to creating little digs and snide remarks which is so often the case with siblings.It is so well written that you really get to know the characters and how they interact and feel about things Because you get to know the characters, you really want to keep on reading to find out what happens to them and work out exactly why there are so many tensions and what exactly happened that Christmas Eve all those years ago I think this is a really well written book It s not full of action but is, instead, full of complexities of family life, the strain of a sibling relationship, the distance that can develop in a marriage, the awkwardness of teenage yearsI really enjoyed reading it and look forward to reading by this author. I am having a run on reading Nick Alexander at the moment This book I couldn t put down It was a very believable story as I have know a similar scenario when mum played one child against the other until they no longer speak Perhaps when she departs this world it may be resolved.Reading the book, you go through various emotions and than once you reach for the tissues but laugh also.When you finish the book it feels like you are saying goodbye to old friends and although you want to know how it ends you don t want it to finish However I need to do the ironing that has been piling up Compelling Gritty and strong story line, could not put this down, the way those two sisters loved, and yet still fought and argued reminded me so much of mine When you connect on this level with an author you have a friend for life Thank You Really enjoyed Let the light shine Lovely easy to read book about family s dealing with what life throws at them Kept me interested till the very end This is the 3rd book by Nick Alexander all great reads x All families have their secrets but not all members of the family always know what those secrets are Penny and Victoria may have shared a childhood but their lives went off in very different directions On the surface Victoria has it all the money and comfortable life, while her younger sister Penny works all hours to support her family, and a husband who is searching for artistic inspiration in all the wrong places But looks can be deceiving Victoria is struggling with past events that have remained buried for too long, while Penny is generally happier than her successful sister.In this novel Nick Alexander has demonstrated one of his great strengths writing characters and relationships you can really believe in, so much so that there were times when I wanted to shake one or other of the characters There were also times when I had to wipe away a few tears before carrying on.Secrets can never remain a secret forever though and when the truth starts to be revealed the sisters will either be torn apart forever or be closer than before only time will tell which.Another great read from a wonderful author, as with all good books I was sorry to get to the end but ultimately satisfied by the story s conclusion Bottle of Tears is another winner from Nick Alexander, I found The Other Son, The French House and especially The Photographers Wife , superb reads The Bottle of tears deals with two grown sisters in conflicting present day life at odds Victoria and Penny now adults approaching middle age with there families and both successful, find that to face there tragedies and the death of there mother , they need to return to the past Alexander creates excellent flashbacks as he returns to the Kent coast and the sisters childhood demons, which include incest , abuse and even pedophilia Nick Alexanders book is bold and challenging and covers other topics such as class and sexuality The Bottle of Tears is a powerful read I am biased because I adore Nick s books and after The Photographer s Wife and The Other Son I was a little worried that his new book would not live up to expectations However, Nick, I don t know how you do it but this book, to me, is your finest to date The beginning of this book takes us back to Christmas day in the 1970s and Nick drew me straight in with his Christmas scene, not only did he allow me to see and actually feel the Christmas tree and shake the presents, but I could also taste the home made Christmas cake.This is a story of how a tragic event that took place on Christmas day in 1976 defines the relationship between two sisters, Victoria and Penny, their families and especially their mother, Marg, who very craftily sets the sisters against each other, and coming from a family of four sisters I can tell you that my mum definitely did this Nick s skill is being able to switch effortless between the past and present in such a way that I wanted to stay in the era I was reading Also, just when I thought I knew the whole story of that fateful Christmas, Nick turns it on his head and adds another dimension to the story.The sisters are complete opposites Victoria has a life of luxury whilst Penny is the breadwinner in her family so money is very tight, although the mortgage has been paid off by her husband, Sander another little golden nugget of a character by Nick Penny is slovenly around the house whilst Victoria has OCD issues and the way Nick weaves this into his story is very clever Nick s portrayal of family life is a cut above other authors because he writes with such poignant insight into each of his characters, giving them flaws to make them real The sisters interaction with each other is uncanny, he really has his finger on the pulse of family life Even disturbingly, he knows a lot about menopausal women As with all Nick s books, these women became my friends and family, and that to me is the hallmark of a great storyteller The journey Nick takes on you will make you smile, laugh out loud but most importantly it will have you reaching for your tissues, so keep them handy.The subject matter at the centre of this novel is hard hitting and often makes for uncomfortable reading, so well done Nick Any book that leaves an impression like Let the Light Shine did, deserves the highest accolade.Tina Penny and Victoria are sisters who feel an obligation to spend time together, although their life styles and attitudes are so different that they get on each other s nerves and say quite hostile things to each other Penny, the younger one by three years, lives, rather messily, in a house in Whitstable She is a psychological social worker, who is doing her best to help Syrian refugees, and she is the only earner in the family her loving husband, Sander Andersson, is a painter who had briefly done very well, but hasn t sold a painting for years, and they are quite hard up They have two early teenage children, Max and Chloe Victoria lives in affluent style in a flat in a London flat with her emotionally unintelligent lawyer husband Martin Cunningham and their son Bertie She is obsessionally clean and tidy, washes her hands continuously, is menopausal at 48, and has for years fought off depression with Valium She often behaves in a wild and unpredictable manner Almost all these characters are quite brilliantly described.Victoria has been terribly damaged by a traumatic and deeply unpleasant experience she had had when she was eight years old, and its details are gradually revealed in the course of this novel The revelations don t leave Penny untouched either, although at the time, aged five, she was too young to understand them Her 14 year old taciturn son, Bertie, also has a severe psychological problem which is most movingly resolved towards the end of the story Another important role is played by Marge, the mother of the two sisters she tends to play off the daughters against each other, and, when she dies, she unleashes a torrent of hitherto unexplained and unexpected feelings towards her by each of the daughters, who react in very different ways.Another magnificent book from the author of The Other Son see my review. They all lived through that terrible Christmas The problem is, they remember it differentlySisters Penny and Victoria seem to have nothing in commonexcept perhaps envy Penny seems blessed with a perfect work life balance, though only she knows how underpaid and underappreciated she is, while Victoria appears to have everything she could wish for along with a growing list of neuroses that keep her teetering on the brink of breakdownFor years the sisters have been at odds for reasons they dont quite understand What they do know is that everything changed on Christmas Eve , when a shocking chain of events fractured the family forever But when a fresh tragedy strikes, it becomes clear that Victoria remembers a lot about that horrific day than shes letting onAs secrets from their childhood are forced to the surface, the sisters must confront the shadows of the past together Because, as they come to learn, as long as the truth remains bottled up, their relationships with each other, and to the past, can never healRevised edition This edition of The Bottle of Tears also published as Let the Light Shine includes editorial revisions This story is very intense Two sisters each with a husband and children Two disfunctional families The younger sister lives on the unfashionable north Kent coast on the seafront in Whitstable in fact The older sister two years older lives in the fashionable concrete jungle of Maida Vale They are both a mess in their own lives and with each other It takes a long time before we find out the reasons for their angst The phrase you never know what goes on behind closed doors comes to mind Because Nick takes us right back to when they were very young to find out what happened in their home and it was very very terrible The older sister remembers and tells the younger the angst is all cleared out and they are able adjust their lives It is brilliantly constructed and is an exhausting read, but well worth it.