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Step Right Up For The Greatest Book On Earth For Than Years, Clowns Internationalthe Oldest Established Clowning Organizationhas Been Painting The Faces Of Its Members On Eggs Each One Is A Record Of A Clown S Unique Identity, Preserving The Unwritten Rule That No Clown Should Copy Another S Look This Mesmerizing Volume Collects Than Of These Portraits, From To The Modern Day, Accompanied By Short Personal Histories Of Many Of The Clowns Here Are Tricky Nicky, Taffy, Bobo, Sammy Sunshine, The Legendary Emmett Kelly, And Jolly Jack, Clowning Since And Still Performing Today With A Penguin Puppet Named Biscuit A Treasure Just Like The Eggs It Enshrines, The Clown Egg Register Is An Extraordinary Archive Of Images And Lives Of The Men And Women Behind The Make Up

5 thoughts on “The Clown Egg Register: (funny Book, Book about Clowns, Quirky Books)

  1. baxterilous baxterilous says:

    I have a friend named Templeton who LOVES clowns, one might say he even worships them He was basically raised by a clown, as his parents where always absent He would spend his free time making his own clowns out of recycled material he found Now that Templeton is an adult he has fallen into a stopper as the joy he experienced as a child has faded This will help bring back some of the magic of his childhood when he spent time clowning around on the streets of Nythera It true is wondrous and the perfect December gift.

  2. Hly Hly says:

    heard about the book on a podcast, every little thing lovely pictures and cute stories nice small size great spine looks nice in my library, not a self proclaimed clown fan but I love miniatures, portraits great conversation stater.

  3. W. Janss W. Janss says:

    There was a clown in here that i ve seen the biographies are brilliant concise and sincere i think this coming Christmas everyone i know is going to get one.

  4. kathleen t. rosen kathleen t. rosen says:

    Best book ever for cheering folks up Well worth the price.

  5. Oontair Oontair says:

    Pretty much perfect clear photos, with brief, informative histories An ideal coffee table art book, for the tiny coffee table.