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THE CLOWN IN YOU is a clowning manual for students, teachers and practitioners It contains all kinds of valuable clown knowledge both practical and theoretical Within its pages readers will find all the basic principles of clowning, first hand clowning experiences, tried and tested clown games and exercises, quotes from interviews Caroline held with professional clowns, examples of clown improvisations, and explanations of the clown philosophy underlying all the comic techniques used by clowns The book thus provides an unprecedented insight into the heart of clowning and throws a fresh light on all the skills, audacity and dedication needed to encounter, encourage and set free one s clown Caroline has worked with clowning from the inside out and the outside in She writes from the perspective of a life spent investigating her art, both as a professional clown and as an international clown teacher This is a must read for anyone wanting to learnabout the art and practice of clowning, or for anyone simply interested in becoming a healthier, happier and less inhibited personDiscovering your clown and allowing yourself complete freedom of expression is an addictive experience an adventure sport, whose only drawback is that when you re on your way home you feel an urgent desire to keep on practising it CONTENTSThe first three chapters introduce the reader to the art and craft of clowning as practiced by professional clowns throughout the world today They also clarify all the misconceptions that have arisen around the clown that in reality hinder a student s ability to be funny Chapters four to ten tackle specific areas of clown technique Each chapter contains explanations of the reasons for, and reasoning behind, each element of the technique, plus guidelines and examples of how it all works on a practical level Chapter eleven explores one of the least discussed aspects of clowning the most common fears students face and how they can be dealt with The final chapter examines the necessary ingredients for clowning success It also covers the phenomenon of flying , finding one s own unique comic wings WHAT THE PROFESSIONALS HAVE SAID ABOUT THIS BOOK Cuts past all the jargon and unhelpful generalizations about clowns and tackles the clown s creative process with the kind of insight that can only come from a seasoned performer Highly recommended for both beginners and experienced clowns JOHN TOWSEN, author of Clowns , director of The Very Physical Comedy Institute, USA Superbly documentedyears of experience is an invaluable source of reference for professionals, hobbyists and teachers One of the most illuminating and insightful clown development guidebooks that I have read ROB FLORENCE, physical theatre teacher at The Arts Entertainment College, NL Every clown, aspiring or professional, should have this book in their library It s a great resource for helping clowns discover deeper layers of their character and creating powerful material Packed with invaluable gems for understanding and creating in the art of clowning ROB TORRES, clown, The Big Apple Circus, USA In this book I ve found fantastic exercises and material which will inspire clowns to play and, most importantly, help keep their idiot present AITOR BASAURI, Spymonkey, UK This book is a shortcut to your inner clown, a seductive invitation to joy and freedom, a lodestar for highly effective human development ANDR S AGUILAR, Clown, Founder of Risaterapia, MEX Caroline offers us heryears of clowning experience, disclosing a clown philosophy I fully concur with I wholeheartedly recommend this book ANT N VAL N, clown with Cirque du Soleil Alegria Kurios , ESP